Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sick Day

At soccer practice last Tuesday night my youngest went from happy go lucky giggling girl to sad, sluggish exhausted girl in about 5 seconds. 

On the way home she sat very quietly in the car, which is absolutely abnormal for her.  She usually talks 90 miles an hour all the way home...asking questions about soccer practice, what's for dinner, what she's wearing the next day, what's for lunch the next day, what's for dinner tonight, what's 2+2=...etc.

But not last Tuesday.

I was a little worried...but not so much.
We are incredibly busy folks.
From the day this one especially was born, she hit the ground running to keep up with her big sisters' activities...now she's added her own activities.

By the time we arrived at home, she was crying.
She showered, and I cuddled with her in our bed.  
She was asleep in 3 seconds flat.
She felt a little warm, but I still wasn't concerned.

In the morning when she was running 103.1 temp, I became concerned.
When she cried because her stomach hurt, I became more concerned; tummy aches have become a normal part of her life for the last couple of months.
When she didn't even want to play, I really became concerned.

After a frantic pediatrician visit, it turns out she may have a bacteria in her little tummy. 
Her white count was very high.
We are waiting on further test results to pinpoint the specific type of bacteria.
In the meantime, the ped. started her on a whopper of an antibiotic and some tummy medicine.

I'm happy to report that she finally was able to return to school today.

Our little dog Hermione was especially glad.
Hermione is just about the most agreeable little dog that has ever existed...
but even she has her limits:

Hermione: See Mom, she's smiling!

Uh, ok...are we done yet?

Oh nevermind; I'll just take a little rest...I kinda like the boa anyway.

You're not putting these pictures on your blog, are you??


  1. Oh my goodness!! Cute dog and cuter girl. I don't know that they outgrow this. My almost 20 year old baby girl still dresses up her dog. She has two Halloween costumes, a raincoat and a snuggie. She's a wiener dog and looks too funny with all of it.
    I replied to your comment on my blog. Not sure which plates you were asking about. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  2. Aw, your daughter is lovely! Is she all better now? There's nothing like worrying over your sick baby.
    Hermione is adorable, too - what kind of dog is she? She looks a little like my Roxy.

  3. She is better and it turns out that she did not have the bacteria after all. We are continuing her meds and adding a new one just in case. Our next step is a belly x-ray to make sure there is not blockage somewhere...but hopefully we won't get to that point :) Thanks so much for asking :)
    Hermione is a mixture of so many dogs that I couldn't even begin to imagine exactly what she is...we found her at one of our local shelters after Katrina. The shelter had flooded and they needed help with the animals. We went to help and brought her home...thank goodness we only brought one!