Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squeakers and Whiskers

Squeaky (who is actually Squeakers) and Whiskers are still doing fine. 

I read that baby squirrels actually stay with their mamas for 12 weeks so that explains their natural need to snuggle.  Using a chart I found on the internet, based on their size and the fact that their tails are actually beginning to get fluffy, I think Squeakers and Whiskers are 8-10 weeks old.  According to the vet, they have a pretty good chance for survival if we can get them to eat. 

I also read that mama squirrels will actually take their babies back if you can find her, so we spent some time yesterday afternoon looking in the woods behind our house for any sign of Mom.  It saddens me to think about a mama squirrel who might possibly be out there somewhere wondering where her babies dad said that right now is foraging time for the squirrels...nuts are beginning to ripen and they are gathering.  I'm assuming that while Mama was out, these babies either fell out of the nest and/or Mama was injured or killed while foraging and the babies fell out because they eventually got hungry. 

How in the world they somehow found their way into our garage and under our lawnmower is and probably always will be a mystery.

My girls are taking their jobs as foster parents very seriously.
They are happy to snuggle with Squeakers and firstborn has actually moved them into her bedroom in a pet traveling carrier of course.  She even changed their towel last night so that their burrowing material was clean and woke me this morning to get me to help her feed them. 

Who is this person and what has she done with my self-absorbed (and I mean that in the nicest way) firstborn??

My middle child also has taken to Squeakers and Whiskers and offers a steady hand when snuggling or making decisions about their welfare.  She keeps an eye on the cats when they are in the house and/or when its feeding time.  As much as we love Uh-Oh and Beneigt, the girls know it would be their natural instinct to hunt Squeakers and Whiskers.  Uh-Oh and Beneigt may even have had something to do with Mama's disappearance.  But, I don't want to think about that.

I tell my girls several times a day that squirrels are not made to be pets.  We will do everything in our power to help them until they can help themselves...but our goal is to reintroduce them to the woods.
One of my students actually informed me yesterday of a Wildlife Rehab Center in the town 30 miles south of I will be making that phone call Monday.

Until then, we'll do everything in our power to provide what these little guys need.

You know you want to say go ahead...I give you permission.


  1. It must be "lost baby squirrel season" because I have two friends here that have taken in baby squirrels too! They are both bottle feeding them, and one of my friends is potty training hers! She takes them out to potty in the grass!
    I am not sure what either of their long-term plans are. We have a Wildlife Rehabilitation place here. I told them about it.

    Keep us posted, and keep them away from the cats!

  2. "Lost baby squirrel season" probably happens regularly as a result of all the adult out there foraging for ripening nuts. I've talked to a licensed wildlife rehabber in Vicksburg and she is helping me get in touch with another rehabber on the coast.
    The cats are suspicious but Kendal has kept a pretty staunch eye on them...I've never seen her so protective...over anything!