Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday at the Library

Ahhhh, Nancy...I'm still lovin' the vocabulary...and I think I've noticed my youngest actually using bigger words...?? or maybe I'm just dreaming??
Last night she was having trouble settling down for bed...when I mentioned that she really needed to go to sleep, she said,
"I'm trying, Mommy...but I'm really distracted."

Nancy spends so much time on decorating her book report cover that she actually forgets to spend time with the BOOK...Ahem...I know quite a few students who seem to have this same disease...

However, as a lover of books, Nancy is devastated when she has trouble with the actual report part of her presentation. 
Nancy's lovely teacher, Mrs. Glass, gives her a 2nd shot at the book report and she wows her classmate audience.
And learns an important lesson...that I wish she'd share with my Comp I classes.

Please do not miss the comfy reading chair on the cover of this Nancy book...It is covered with book covers!!
Oh my!

This book reminds me of several favorite rhythm, songy books I've enjoyed with all three of my girls....The Napping House, I Went Walking...etc...

except it's about a little cat and his mom...and trying to get up in the morning.
very very youngest could read this one out loud and I let her...

We enjoyed this one because of the cats, but it is really written for a younger child.

I've heard of these "Stinky Face" books but this is the first time we've ever read one.
The storyline reminded me a lot of the classic Runaway Bunny...the child in this story asks his mom what she would do if he had all these animal, yucky faces and made all these monster noises...of course, the mommy will love him anyway.

I wasn't as fond of this one.
We'll stick with the Bunny.

A classic.
Ah, Dr. Seuss, a timeless book of rhymes and silly pictures...what kid doesn't love these books?
There's even a fish who drives a car!
My youngest is so proud that she can read most of these takes a little while but she's so proud of herself when we finish.

Lovin' our library time... :)



  1. :O I hardcore heart Fancy Nancy!!! I spent a year and some change shelving books in the children's department of my public library and I always found myself reading through the Fancy Nancy books. I think she is completely adorable.


  2. My girls LOVE Fancy Nancy! Also, all those Dr Seuss books are always a hit with our family :)

  3. My boys love Dr. Seuss and my oldest was a big fan of I Love You Stinky Face. Like you, I wasn't crazy about it when we first read it, but it grew on me (like a fungus?) since he wanted me to read it often.