Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret Santa 2010 and I am a Doofus

I know myself well enough to know that I would absolutely adore the Book Blogger Swap entire life I've given books as gifts...sometimes appreciated and sometimes not so much.
Since I'm 42 I've reached a point where I don't really care if I become the lady who always gives books.  My kids get books, my nieces and nephews get books, my kids' teachers get books...
if you're on my list, you're gonna get a book.
Whether you like it or not.

Anyhoo, the Christmas Book Bloggers swaps were right up my alley.
Give somebody some books and they are actually happy about it???
Whoo Hoo!!!

I spent a good bit of time going over both of my Santee's lists and then read a lot of their most recent blog postings and reviews to "get a feel" for who these ladies are.
I stewed over which books to give for several days.
I had copies of two books that were actually named by title on each Santee's list so those selections were easy.
But, then I wanted to match those titles with some ideas of my own.
One of my Santees is more of a YA reader, so with my firstborn's help we picked out a couple of other books to match the book that my YA Santee mentioned by name.
The other Santee is more of a Classics reader and enjoys historical books as well, specifically the Civil War era.  Along with the book she mentioned by title, I chose other selections for her including a lovely book I found with a story of Civil War soldiers during Christmas.
I was very proud of my selections.
I topped each Santee off with a lovely little handmade bar of soap that was made on a family farm right here in my little Mississippi town and a box of tea.  I didn't know if either of them enjoyed tea but I wanted them to have it.
They SHOULD have tea. :)
I wrote each Santee a little note to let them know who I was and the meaning behind each of the selections included in their packages.

I was so proud.

I loaded everything up in a box and took the box, carefully divided with each Santee's mailing information printed out and placed within the appropriate divided section to the post office.
The post office was swamped, but I found a little section and raided the packing materials set aside for those of us who don't keep that kind of stuff at home. 
I stewed over the size of shipping box almost as much as I stewed over the book selections.
After finally packing the items away and wrapping them in bubble wrap so they would not knock around as the postmen/postwomen toss them around (you know they do), I taped up my little packages.

Then, I wrote the wrong address on the wrong box.

I had no idea what I had done until my Classics Santee received her gift.  She posted about her gift and graciously posted about how wonderful her gift was.  
Awwwww...isn't she a sweetheart!! 
I know she had to be thinking that I did not pay the least bit of attention to her list or her blog.

It's official.
As she read my note, she was probably thinking I was schizophrenic or something.
I'm not schizophrenic, Svitlana; I'm a doofus!
Ph.D. and all.

Obviously I'm the only doofus involved in the Secret Santa Book Blogger Swaps because I received an incredible gift from my Secret Santa through Broke and Bookish's Secret Santa.
Take a look at the loot!!!

My  SS included a book I've wanted to read for some time now...The Book Thief...I literally squealed when I saw it!!
My SS knows how much The Kite Runner affected me so she included another little book about Afghan society and pens for my keychain because she knows I try to be organized but my children steal my stuff all the time.
She knows I cook...look at the cute little pot holder so that I won't burn my fingers baking Christmas cookies!!
And, she knows I'm a series reader and an animal series reader at that...I've never even heard of the little dog mystery series she's introduced me to...but I can't wait to give it a try!

And, last but not least, a little book journal.  More precious than gold...for all the books I've read, want to read, etc...reminds me of how some people make lists of all the wines they've enjoyed :)

My SS was Kristen from BookNAround and she's obviously a really nice person to take care to send a perfect stranger (me) such a personal gift.
Thank you sincerely, Kristen!!

My sincerest apologies to my Santees, Svitlana from Ovrelia's Notes in the Margin and Stephany from Stuck Between the Pages.  I'm sending each of you a special little package directly from Amazon (so that I can't mess up the addresses again) so that hopefully you'll forgive my doofusness :(

I'll do better next year, I promise!


  1. Oh yikes, I signed up for both those swaps and I was so afraid I was going to do the same this. Both my Santee's were totally different too. But, on the upside, maybe you introduced each to genres they might not otherwise read. Besides books are always fun to get. Good for you for being the book lady. You can be my book lady anytime.

  2. It sounds like an honest mistake in the holiday rush. I'm sure they understand! And marthalama is right, they are now introduced to genres they wouldn't normally buy for themselves.

  3. Awww!!! It's okay!!! =) I totally understand that mistakes happen and things get mixed up!!! I did/do enjoy that you thought out so carefully the things that you did for each of us though!! That means A LOT! And, as an FYI, I'm becoming more and more of a tea drinker, so I am excited to try this tea!!!! =) Thanks for everything!

    Stephany @ Stuck Between The Pages

  4. Oh no, but these things do happen. The important thing is your took the time and meant well.

    Your Santa certainly overindulged --lucky you. Happy Holidays

  5. Oh, so human!! All that careful planning-maybe your two SS's want to swap books? Happy Holidays to you.