Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snapshot Saturday - Creepy Critters at the Library

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce over @ At Home with Books.

The little girl in the white shirt reaching out to touch the snake is my youngest.  Once a month our community library has an after school program for children, and this past week was "Creepy Critters."

Lea the Gerbil, Larry the Lizard, Franklin the Turtle, Terry the Tarantula, and the Ball Python in this photo, whose name I can't remember (because I was fighting off a panic attack), were the visitors for the afternoon.

So grateful to our local high school teachers who took time after school to give our kids this experience!


  1. Heh, what a great activity! I love public libraries.

  2. See I would have been fine with the snake, but the tarantula would have had me headed for the hills!

  3. Your daughter is a brave little girl; love the photo.

  4. Creepy critters, I like that. But they're not so creepy if you meet them when you're a kid. Snakes are actually quite warm and feel like leather. I'm good with almost all critters. I draw the line with spiders that are larger than my hand, though.

  5. Trish, our library is small but run by a dedicated group of volunteers :) We're very lucky.

    Alyce, the tarantula was the only one they couldn't touch...bc he would bite!

    Mindee, you said it! I don't mind looking but I do NOT want to touch!

    Diane, I wish you could see my middle daughter (age 16)...she's all the way over on the other side of the library :)

    Leslie, I almost feel faint just thinking about a spider bigger than my hand! YIKES!

  6. That is so awesome. I used to love those days where we got to play with the snakes. :D

  7. I'm with you on the snake! I'm impressed that you were able to be calm and cool and not freak out when your daughter touched it.