Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 14, 2011 Things I Love

Things I Love
The Valentine's Day Edition ;)

1.  My family, home, husband and children

2.  CoCo Madmemoiselle by Chanel

3.  My buddy Uh-Oh

4.  mint tea

5.  home grown tomatoes

6.  Milk Duds

7. cashmere sweaters

8.  a clean house

9.  sleeping in

10.  my first cup of coffee in the morning

11.  books

12. a perfectly cooked filet

13.  Brighton jewelry, shoes and accessories

14.  a stack of GRADED papers

15. Students who do their work on time and don't try to offer 800 excuses as to why they can't get it turned in on time.

16.  having the menu for the week all planned out

17.  having all three of my girls happy at the same time

18.  a single scoop of Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream on a sugar cone

19.  my Cusinart food processor

20.  my Kitchenaid mixer


Happy Valentines Day, everybody!!


  1. We are so much alike it's amazing! I love that first cup of coffee, sleeping in, cashmere sweaters, books and I LOVE fresh tomatoes. They are summer in a lovely red package.
    Thanks for sharing. It really is the simple things that make me happy. I hope you had a great day with your loved ones.

  2. #'s 1, 7, 8, and 9 make me happy too! Hope your day was lovely.

  3. Well, I love your list.

    # 1, 17, and especially 20 would definitely make my list. =)

    Happy Valentine's Day

  4. Happy Valentines Day! What a lovely list.

  5. I think we must be soul sisters as so many of these things are favorites of mine: Family, mint tea, cashmere sweaters, clean house, good cofee...etc etc... nice list indeed.

  6. What a wonderful list. #1 and 17 are my favorites followed closely by #8, 9, and of course 11.

  7. I can sooooo relate to your list. GRADED papers are very high on my list, and I have a special place in my heart for my KitchenAid. It's the little things.