Monday, February 7, 2011

There's No Place Like Home :)

As a kid growing up in Mississippi I remember many times wishing for the day that I could branch out on my own and see the world.  Mississippi seemed so small and I always wanted to know what more the world had to offer. 

I know now...and while I've certainly not seen everything...
and want to continue exploring...

I think everybody has to leave home for a while to appreciate it.
I appreciate home more and more every single time I leave it.

It may be chaotic, it may be inconsistent and there's always a TON of laundry to wash...

But, it's home.
And, that's all that matters :):)

I'll get back to more of a regular blogging schedule after I get some cuddling time with my favorite people :)
(and cats)


  1. Welcome home, glad you're back. Enjoy your wonderful family.

  2. Yep, nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed, is there?