Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Uh-Oh vs. The Strawberry Snacker

After performing his afternoon perimeter check, Uh-Oh reported that something was amuck in the strawberry patch.

Something or someone, he said, is eating our berries.

Some hooligan bird or other small critter has invaded our berry bed and has been secretly snacking on our juicy berries.

The ones under the leaves are safe...for now...

Uh-Oh's honor has been insulted...how dare those critters!!!!

Hell hath no fury like a black cat scorned...
Watch out, birds...
It's on.


  1. Stay strong Uh-Oh. I have faith in your abilities to guard against invader. I'm sure the strawberries will be safe on you watch.

  2. Maybe I should send Jughead in for reinforcement. He is lethal to any creature smaller than him...squirrels, birds, snakes, rats. He'd be happy to help.

  3. I just love your stories and pictures of spring. Oh how I miss warm weather. I'm betting on Uh-oh...I bet he gets his man, errr creature.

  4. I hope Uh-Oh can deal with that problem. Nothing worse than waiting for a berry to get ripe enough to pick - and finding it eaten before you can get to it!

  5. I love that your cat is protecting the strawberries. And I promise it wasn't me.