Monday, June 20, 2011

Manic Monday...or I'm gonna try this schedule thing again...

 I'm not a freaky schedule person...but I do appreciate a schedule...when it works out, that is.  I don't always stick to the plans I make, and that's ok...but I've really been flopping around here lately.  That's the nature of the end of school and all...and I've given myself time to just languish.  But, my brain is needing a little more structure so that it doesn't turn into a jelly doughnut before August :/  I've also been missing out on some photography and cooking memes that I love bc I forget about them until it's too late.  Hopefully that won't happen this week.

Reading/Reviewing Progress

 Last week I spent my time devouring dog books...I finished The Monks of New Skete How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend and am almost finished with How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan.  The Monks also published a book just on puppies and Cesar Millan has one on being the leader of the pack that I have up next.  While I'm waiting for those to arrive from Amazon, however, I'm going to give myself permission to visit with Anita Blake and Jean Claude in Laurell K. Hamilton's Hit List.  Stephanie Plum #17 will also be here later this reading!!
I've also peeked into Sworn into Silence on my Nook and was hooked from the first page.  All those should be fast reads.

I've got several reviews on backlog is creating a little anxiety for me so I really need to get some of those posted. I'm scheduling two reviews for this week...although I really don't know which ones they'll be...I'm guessing for Thursday and Friday.  I don't sit and write a review all at once; I jump around, write a while, go write on something else, read other bloggers and then go back and write again.  So, right now I've got almost 10 reviews, somewhere between just begun to almost finished. 

Posting Schedule for this Week

Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy Being a Book Blogger/Bookish Person 
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
Thursday: Review - HT Be Your Dog's Best Friend
Friday: Review - The United States of Arugula
Saturday: Saturday Snapshot
Sunday: Weekend Cooking
Monday: Manic Monday

 I'm going to get a menu back up by next Monday as well.  I love to cook but I absolutely detest deciding what's for dinner every night...I have no explanation for this weirdness...but if it helps to put together a menu for the week to cut down on any worrying, so be it.


  1. I also need a schedule to feel like I am getting things done, and can't imagine going rouge without one for long! Hopefully you can get things in order and get a schedule that works for you created!

  2. I feel your backlog pain. I have to get some reviews up soon as well. I'm looking forward to your reviews and to see what you think of your dog books. I tried a few when we first got our dogs but haven't thought about them for some time.