Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Cooking - Hungry Girl

In order to add something to Beth Fish Reads lovely meme called Weekend Cooking, one must actually cook something every once in a while : /


I haven't been doing any cooking lately, but my middle daughter has been bitten by the experimentation bug.  She has begged me to let her cook something so today I told her that this Thursday night was hers.  She needed to make a plan, make her list, go buy the groceries and take control.

She has always liked to help in the kitchen but a cookbook on my firstborn's shelves caught my middle daughter's attention. 

Hungry Girl author Lisa Lillien is a regular gal who wanted to make her life easier with simple recipes, eat better and keep extra pounds under control.  Her Hungry-Girl.com website features many stories, recipes and a daily email newsletter for all the "hungry girls" out there.  Lisa's Hungry Girl recipes have actually been featured lately on The Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

Lisa's main goal I believe is to provide hungry girls a way to eat what they want simply by providing substitutions.  Obviously, yes, young women are Lisa's focus group; normally this would not be a cookbook I would pick up.  Even Lisa's recipe titles are a little too hip for me; we're having "hacked n' whacked santa fe shrimp supreme" Thursday night, according to my middle daughter.  I just hope she doesn't choose "loaded 'n oated veggie pizza" next :p

However, I'm on board with my own personal hungry girl learning more about food and how to take care of her body.  We don't talk about diets around here; we talk about eating healthy and making smart choices.  I also certainly don't mind turning over one night a week to somebody else...wonder if I could give another night to my firstborn...hmmmm.

We have also ordered these other two Hungry Girl books from Amazon:

If the kid will let me, I'll take pictures and report back next weekend on how Thursday night goes.



  1. Good for your daughter, nice that she has the bug :) It's great to hand off the spoon and spatula and be served up a nice dinner. Sounds delicious, too! Enjoy it!

  2. I love Hungry Girl but do you think that you will get full? I always worry about the smart substitutes leaving me hungry. I'm interested to see how Thursday goes. Can a person eat like this permanently? Belle

  3. Please please let me know what you think of the cookbooks. I get the daily HungryGirl email and have tried a few recipes. I'm just not very adventurous and some of substitutions are a bit scary.

    Of the recipes I've tried, half have been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and others have been atrocious but I think I did something wrong with those.

  4. I'm curious to see how this will turn out! It's also pretty awesome that your kids want to try out cooking for the family. That's a skill and a talent I wish I'd fostered in myself at a young age :)

  5. I used to be a regular reader of her blog, before she became really famous in the diet world, and enjoyed her info. I still visit from time to time, but have not purchased any of her books.

    I too am interested to see how the dinner turns out :)

  6. Very very cool that your daughter wants to cook, even if the recipe titles are bit too much! You must report back -- my 16-year-old niece has recently started cooking.

  7. My young adult daughter loves the Hungry Girl website and makes many of her recipes. I like that they are healthy and have encouraged her to try cooking! I'd definitely have to buy soem of the cookbook for her. Fun post!

  8. This book might be perfect for my daughter who is 15, and trying to learn the ropes of cooking for herself. We also don't do diets around here, and try to focus on healthy eating and exercise instead of the newest fad diet. I am going to have to look into these books, and I hope to see a post later this week showing how your daughter handled her shrimp recipe!

  9. i"m with you and your other commenters, no diet, but good healthy eating. Fruits and veg and no skipping breakfast. I have the most interesting food discussions with my son. He's into body building and very concerned with what he eats (a healthy concern). He was very interested when I told him you could take dietition courses at University.