Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keeping my head above the water...

I'm holding my own out in the world...but missing this community of bloggers that I've grown to know and love as friends.  
I began blogging as a way to stay sane in this chaotic world we live in...where things don't make any sense on a regular basis.
So, I'm gonna be here everyday from now on...even if it means I'm just posting a snapshot of what's going on in my life right now.  A friend and colleague of mine did this for a year...I'm not making any time commitments bc just as soon as I do, I'll break them.

For today I'll share this shot of Layla who's almost 6 months old, and our youngest who's 7, swimming in our pool.  
It's still warm enough in Mississippi to swim and will be probably through October...simple pleasures, my friends...they're what get me through...



  1. That is so cute how you can see paws underwater!

  2. Oh, I do wish it was still warm enough to swim here. Today we needed double layers and socks. Fall is starting off chilly.

    It is the little things that keep us going. Have a peaceful day.

  3. Still warm in So. Cal too. I love it when dogs swim in the pool. They act like kids!

  4. I love this. Great pic, and thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're getting along. :)

  5. Do what you can when you feel you can. We all understand!! Love the photo!