Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thomas O'Malley Update :)

Remember this little fella?

Well, he's doing just fine :)

Thomas O'Malley joined our family on Memorial Day this year :)

He spends his days and nights roaming around with his squeaky little meow, his sleepy face, playing with Uh-Oh and Beneigt when they actually notice him, and slapping Layla or Hermione's tails as they walk by.

The Head of My Household makes fun of me for having 5 animals.  But, they make me happy...

How could this little face not make you happy?


  1. Such a cutie! Some people wonder if we are all there with 4 cats I'm sure, but I say "Not your pets...not your business"....enjoy your fur babies and have a great week.

  2. He is growing into a handsome chap!

    have a good week,Peppermint


  3. Seems like he is living the good life! And I just love his name!

  4. There's something about them when they're little, isn't there?

  5. Wow! He's grown. I sometimes miss having a cat. Had one all my life but with the pup, I swear...that dog is the reincarnated version of my cat. Lies in the same spot. Gets in the same kind of trouble (chews plastic) and even meows..seriously. Maybe she was raised by a cat before ending up at the shelter.