Saturday, October 8, 2011

Turner and Hooch

I'm loving that my daughters enjoy watching some of the old 80's seems the 80's have become a cultural phenomenon for youngsters today :)

My middle daughter had some teenage drama last night so she was digging through our DVD collection to take her mind off things.  
Turner and Hooch is mostly a lighthearted comedy so she chose it, and by accident all of the rest of us sat down with her in the den to watch it. 
At our house movie night never happens on purpose.

Scott Turner is an investigator in a small California coastal town who is one week away from moving to Sacramento.  One of the older town citizens, Amos, is murdered one night after seeing/hearing illegal activities going on in a seafood plant next to his house.  Hooch belongs to Amos and is the only eye-witness to  the murder.  Scott Turner postpones leaving in order to find Amos's killer.  

The fun begins when Scott takes Hooch in.  Scott is OCD, an obsessive compulsive cleaner, who has never owned a dog and has a perfectly organized and structured life.  Hooch is a huge, messy, French Mastiff who is accustomed to drinking beer and eating chocolate chip cookies wherever and whenever he pleases.  This is just one of the hilarious scenes involving Scott and Hooch as their lives come together: 

It is through Hooch that Scott meets his future wife, the town vet.  And, it is through Hooch that Scott learns to love someone else besides himself and that it's ok if life is messy sometimes.

There is a pretty sad scene near the end...I forgot about this scene until my youngest was sitting in the recliner sobbing :( but the movie ends with a happily.

If you've never seen Turner and Hooch, please jump on the couch, get the whole family, some popcorn and coke, and prepare yourself for lots of hearty laughter as well as a few tears.

I could watch this one over and over again.


  1. Me too! Love this movie. My son recently watched The Breakfast Club on my suggestion. Afterwards he asked what other 80's movies I'd recommend on Netflix. He actually took notes on paper. I think it's the first time in his teen age years that he valued my input, lol.

  2. I loved this movie as well, and though I hate those slobbery scenes with a passion, and they always make me gag, I somehow ended up with a dog that slobbers just as much as Hooch does. It still makes me a little queasy!

  3. Mel, what I love is that my kids seem to look at me in a new light when they realize I "lived" during the 80's...I show them pics of big hair, crazy clothes, etc. and they just finally think I might be kinda cool ;)

    Zibilee, LOL As much as I love my dogs, I too get nauseous when Hooch has that awful of my favorite lines is when Tom Hanks tells Hooch that he looks like he has swallowed a tennis shoe and the strings are hanging out both sides of his mouth :)

    The other scenes that made us all say "ewwwwww" were when Hooch shakes that head of his and the drool goes flying all over everything in the house...ewwwwwwww! :)

  4. Oh, I haven't seen that movie in ages! Love Tom Hanks in anything! :)

  5. I've never seen that movie. We'll have to check it out. As a matter of fact we need a family movie for tonight - I'll see if Netflix has it. :)