Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday at the Movies - The Ugly Dachsund

Our little Lizzie and Layla are setting boundaries.  
Layla very much wants Lizzie to know that she is Alpha...she reminds Lizzie frequently by rolling her on the ground and putting her mouth on Lizzie's head.  Oy.
Lizzie, much much smaller than Layla, instead of cowering from Layla, will instead stand up to her, snarl and bark.
Layla then falls to her knees so she can see Lizzie eye to eye and they proceed to have a "conversation."  Layla with her low pitched German Shepherd noises and Lizzie with her high pitched squeaks and barks make me sometimes feel as though I'm at the zoo watching the monkeys.

What's weird about this scenario though is that they are both enjoying themselves immensely.
Plus, most Cavaliers are not "aggressive" towards other dogs...especially much bigger dogs.
My mom told me the other day that she has only heard her Cavaliers growl maybe twice in the 2 years since she's had hers.
Double Oy.
Leave it to me to have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who thinks she's a German Shepherd.

I'm FaceBook friends with the daughter of the woman who owns Lizzie's mom and dad.  We were talking about this silly turn of events when she reminded me of the 1966 Disney movie The Ugly Dachsund.

Don't you just wish they made movies like this today...just sweet and innocent humor...mixed with animal chaos?
Suzanne Pleshette with her unforgettable husky voice and funny Dean Jones are the stars of this movie with their animal cohorts, a Great Dane, and several Dachsunds.  The Dachsunds are the original pets of this married couple until the husband brings home the Great Dane puppy with no idea of how big it is going to get.  As the puppy grows, havoc grows and grows...the absolute pinnacle of this havoc is when Brutus the Great Dane starts acting like a Dachsund.

If you love animals as I do...especially if you're a dog lover, I bet you remember this movie from childhood as I do.  If you've never seen it, please set aside a couple of hours to watch this funny, funny will bring a smile to your face...I promise.


  1. I totally want to rent that movie now. We loved The Cat from Outer Space. Remember that movie?

    Our Pup is trying to rule the roost at our house. She is submissive calm with all of us EXCEPT for my daughter. She is getting a bit aggressive so now my daughter is the one taking her for walks. She needs to be reminded who the boss is and although it's only been a week, she seems to be getting it.

    I wonder how long it will take Lizzie to get it. Or if Layla will cave.

  2. I loved The Cat from Outer Space and That Darn Cat!!! They just don't make em like they used to!

    Sometimes I'll take them both on the leash and make them walk side by side part of the way. That actually seems to have helped some. I'm hoping Layla will cave when she realizes that Lizzie is not a threat. We fuss at Lizzie too if she growls though...they both need to understand that we don't tolerate aggression of any kind.

  3. Your furry kids are just adorable!
    I have a blenheim king charles, and he's an absolute joy. Glad to have found your blog via Never Growing Old list.