Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wannabe More Organized Wednesday, which is really Thursday, which is not a very good sign of organization.

Does the fact that it is Thursday night and I'm just now posting my Wednesday post give you any indication as to how this first week of the new budget has gone?

I do not have a meal plan for this week...I have been flying by the seat of my pants.

Monday - Halloween - candy, candy and more candy...and McDonalds for the 7 year old
I am ashamed.

Wednesday - church night supper
Thursday - chili
Friday - Senior Night Home football game (tailgating)

Friday (tomorrow) is supposed to be my grocery store day...I don't have a list and I don't have a menu :(

My middle kid asked me for $35 and $55 this week...both which are NOT included in my budget this  month.
I'm giving her the $35...if she wants the $55 enough, she can buy it herself (she has a little part-time job).

I also forgot about a commitment I made to a ladies' group at church...I was beating myself up about that one pretty badly last night at church when my friends Sandi and Gwen (both also members of my ladies' group) put things into perspective for me.  All I can do is what I can do...and that's that...
God doesn't want me stressed out bc I can't pay my ladies' group pledge.   
They both also remarked that my pledge was a little on the high side...I'm like that though...I'm so pie in the sky that it's ridiculous at times.  

I told the Head of My Household once, "All children should be able to be vaccinated for free!"
He responded, "Ok, but who's gonna pay for that?"
See, I never think of that part...great idea...but not very realistic...and I just assume that it's gonna magically happen.

I did notice though that the 3 times I've been to the grocery store this week so far (Sunday, Tuesday, and today), my bills have been on the high side...and all I've bought (or so I thought) was food for that night's meal.  Tonight, for example, I bought groceries for chili...and my total was $57...WHAT??
That's gotta stop.

We do have a busy weekend ahead of us so maybe by Saturday afternoon I'll have it all together for next week.  
Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. I feel your pain and there is no easy answer but your church friends sound like lovely (and helpful) friends. I hope you get the chance to regroup and breath this weekend!

  2. Not that I am glad that anyone else has to budget their lives away, but it is comforting to know that others are going through the same thing we are.

    We took on this huge mortgage based on stuff that was promised to us, yet never happened. Family stuff. But now, we are stuck with the huge mortgage and trying to stay afloat with a business that is teetering on collapse. It's so tough these days. I've never had to budget in my life, never had debt other than housing but one year of furloughs and a failing business and voila!

    I will be working on our budget this weekend. We've been making simple meals.. grilled cheeses and soup, pancakes and bacon, spaghetti sauce that we eat more than once, etc. We did well this week. I did not go to the market once!