Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Cooking - Enchiladas Supreme

I've been on Pinterest again...actually, I'm not sure when I've been off of it :/
But, I'm finding a treasure of recipes there and am having a ball trying them out!!

This week's recipe is Enchilada's Supreme from Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake :):)

Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake is the brainchild of Jonna...she cooks from the heart and is not afraid to tweak recipes to make them better, more wholesome, or simply, tastier :)
She provides photos to show the steps along the way, which are absolutely most appreciated at my house...we are happy experimenters, but we get a little confused sometimes ;)

I mixed the filling and cooked it, and then we had lots of fun rolling up the enchiladas...I was a little unsure of the rolling process, but my oldest daughter's boyfriend came to the rescue and showed us the way :)

Jonna prepared Enchiladas Supreme for herself and her husband, but we were preparing the dish for a family of 6.  There are at least 6 enchiladas in the photo below all nestled within the sauce and lots and lots of cheese.  Jonna also trimmed her enchiladas to fit a smaller trimming was involved in our enchilada bake :)

These were delicious...and made enough that everyone was happily fed, and I had one lunch the following day.  This recipe (especially the filling) could easily be tweaked, depending on individual tastes and can involve others if you like that kind of involvement (I do!)

The exact recipe can be found on Jonna's blog, Get Off Your Butt and'll definitely want to spend some time there if you haven't already :)

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  1. I love enchiladas, but for some reason, my family does not. I would love to check out this recipe anyway, and see if there was a way to modify it to make it more palatable for my family. Great post and photos today!

  2. I'm luckier than Heather (Zibilee) because I love enchiladas and so does my husband. This version looks awesome. I'm afraid to get too involved in pinterest

  3. I've been avoiding pinterest - am afraid it will be too addicting. The enchiladas look delicious!

  4. We love to make (and eat) enchiladas they are often on the menu, served with a fresh green salad, here at the Presbytere.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  5. Your enchiladas looks yummy. I don't know that I owuld like the sauce all over them, but with just a sprinkle of cheese they would rock. Thanks.

  6. It is fun to compare with another cook's methods. I use pinto beans, corn tortillas, and no added sugar. Otherwise it looks a lot like my favorite recipe. These do look delicious--both saucy and cheesy. Yum. - Fay

  7. I've been experimenting with enchiladas also. It's fun to compare my experience with others. For me, that's one of the joys of cooking.

  8. Great looking enchilada! Looks delicious. Heading over to the blog for the recipe!

  9. Mmmmm . . . LOVE enchiladas. I just wish the kids felt the same!

  10. I love enchiladas! Probably more than anyone else in my family, but I still make it a few times a year anyway.