Monday, January 9, 2012

The Vampire Diaries - Movie Monday is now Media Monday :)

My Christmas gift to the Head of My Household this year was CABLE.  When our local Cable company switched to Digital, instead of getting all those pesky little boxes, the husband waited out the system, thinking the Cable company would never completely remove the non-digital signal.

 Well, he was wrong.
They did.

For a while he tried to act like it didn't bother him...but there are only so many football games a sports fanatic can be expected to miss...only so much ESPN withdrawal a fella can stomach...
It was a perfect gift, especially since he's such a hard fella to buy gifts for.

I had the new Cable hooked up a week or so before Christmas so he could enjoy all the bowl games, etc. over the holidays, and he's been in heaven.
My children have enjoyed their father's Christmas gift as well.  I have seen more ICarly, Spongebob Squarepants and Big Time Rush than I ever thought possible :/

Myself, I don't really watch TV.
If I watch a tv show, it's on DVD or instant download from the network site, Amazon or NetFlix.
I have a hard enough time keeping up with my schedule, the husband's schedule and my girls' schedule without adding a tv schedule to it.  So, I just don't watch it.
My friend Missie says I need that DVR thingie...but I would just forget to set it...or I'd record too many shows and forget I'd recorded them.
Now, just because I don't watch TV on a regular basis doesn't mean I don't enjoy a TV show or so...
One of my current guilty pleasures right now is the CW show "The Vampire Diaries."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...
More vampires.

I stumbled on the pilot over two years ago.

Good guy Vegetarian Vampire Stephan returns to his home in Mystic Falls because of a young woman (Elena) who reminds him of a woman/vampire he once loved (Katherine).
Bad guy, not Vegetarian, Vampire Damon, who is also Stephan's brother, also returns to Mystic Falls simply to make Stephan's life miserable.  Damon also loved the same time as Stephan...and it wasn't pretty when Katherine finally chose Stephan.  Since then, these two have been at each other's throats for hundreds of years...and of course, they both fall in love with Elena this time around.   

I knew I'd never keep up with the series so I just kinda put it on the backburner...until a month ago...browsing NetFlix, I found the complete Season 1 and 2 of The Vampire Diaries on Instant Play...WAHOO!!

Over the last several weeks I've caught up on Season 1

and Season 2 

and then couldn't stand it and switched to the CW website where I watched several full episodes of Season 3 for free and then caught up with the rest on Amazon Instant Videos.

I love this fun, fast paced, action packed, non-thinking series...vampires, witches, werewolves, vampire hunters, "Originals" who can't be killed, humans who choose to be "turned" and those who don't get to choose...all in the middle of high school drama...which really doesn't seem like high school to me.   
As a matter of fact, I forget frequently that these characters (the humans anyway) are supposed to only be 16 and 17 years old.  And, of course the love triangle of Stephan, Elena and Damon.
Um, did I mention the music?? Holy Smokes! What a playlist this stuff would make!!

There's also a lot of history (what do you call pretend early American history?), and Nina Dobrev who plays Elena is something else switching roles back and forth between Elena and Katherine, especially in Season 2 when "Katherine" returns.  And, to add even more interest in the series, two of the show's stars are actually together as a couple off screen as well.
Isn't that cute??

My videos ran out in the middle of Season 3 with Episode 9, so as a new Cable consumer I decided I would also enjoy my husband's Christmas gift and planned to watch Episode 10 last Thursday night.

Guess what?
At 7:34 p.m. I realized it was 7:34 and I had missed most of the show :(
Good grief.
I told you so.

You see, I need TV shows on my schedule...not the network's.  
If only it worked that way.

Amazon had the video streaming (for $1.99) by the next day though, and CW had it streaming for free a day or so after that.  
Thank Goodness!

Now, I'm waiting on Episode 11!! 


  1. That's a coincidence, I bought my husband a year of satellite TV this Christmas!  We have been hooked every since ...

  2. It's been a great gift for the entire family! 

  3. As you probably know by now, I LOVE this show! And yes, it is very much a guilty pleasure. You need to hurry and catch up and watch that episode of just the other night! Wow wow wow! So, who's your favorite? Stefan or Damon? :) 

  4. DAMON! I love his snark...and his love for Elena at the same time!
    I did get to see Thursday night's episode...I couldn't stand to wait for the free one on the CW site, so I paid the $1.99 to rent it on Amazon :)

  5. LOL! Awesome! I wasn't sure which ep. you were one because I can't remember what season and episode is the current one! Yeah, Damon is a blast. I agree.

  6. Oh, I was so addicted to this show a while back, and when I moved to a different flat, I just kind of forgot all about it! Silly me. I wonder how long until NZ catches up to technology. Hell, we had cable in the Philippines! But not in NZ!? :(

  7. TV is my guilty pleasure. I don't watch a lot of it, but I do have my favorites. I even have a TV in my kitchen for mindless fluff while I'm cooking/baking. LOVE it.  I will say that the DVR "thingie" changed my life. I can't live without it now. Don't go there... you will not be able to go back :)

  8. When we built our house I had a cable jack installed in the kitchen so I could do the same, but if the den tv was on at the same time as the kitchen tv, I couldn't hear the kitchen tv.  I finally gave up and let go of the kitchen tv...for now.  My neighbor loves her DVR...I don't need another addiction ;)

  9. LOL! Toni, you need to get back into it...things are really moving fast!