Monday, October 1, 2012

Media Monday - Social Networking Instagram Style

I'm in Chicago this of my favorite cities even though I won't be seeing much of it this trip.
I'm doing some work for the U.S. Dept. of Ed, and they like to work our arses off when they get us together :/ 

Anyhoo, a paper grading marathon kept me from posting much last week, so hopefully the time here will remedy that...I enjoy visiting and traveling, but if I'm not busy, I miss home.  A lot.  

I was fondly strolling through my Instagram pictures last night before I went to bed, and here are a few that made me feel all warm and cozy:  

The best alarm clock evah...The German Shepherd who would not be snoozed! :)  My morning routine is so full of these two that this picture makes me miss home for sure.

My little office friend who greets me each workday with promises of a good day, starting with a cup of steaming hot coffee...and a variety of flavor choices :) 
This beauty also provides me with a cup of mint tea when I finally finish classes each day...schedules this semester are intense, to say the least.

We have a Nutella war going on at our house...this particular night, Layla decided to get in on the action.  After I snapped this silly picture, my middle daughter reminded me that chocolate and hazlenuts (2 main ingredients in Nutella) were not exactly "user friendly" for dogs.   We spent the rest of the night on Google, trying to decide what to do next.  Thankfully, GSDs are very large dogs, and it would take a LOT of Nutella to hurt her :) Not to mention her very large "snoot," as we call it, that barely fits into the lid of the small container. 

Hello, Halloween...I love you...I really do.  I'm not all into the scary stuff...the world is scary enough as it is.  But, bring on the cool Fall days, the traditional Halloween fare, pumpkins, witches ghosts, goblins, black cats, the county fair here, trick or treating, etc. and I'm your gal.

Mums mark the beginning of what I call "Thanksgiving season."  Thanksgiving is HUGE to me...HUGE! 
I. love. it.

Do you use Instagram???  
I already follow a few of my book blogger friends there, but would love to follow more!! :) 
Fun times, these :):)


  1. I so want one of those coffee makers, but the hubby says no go to that. I think it's neat that it makes different coffee for different people, but alas, I shall have to do without!

    1. Heather, I looked at it for a long time in Target...we have a regular drip coffee maker at home bc in the mornings between my husband and me, we drink probably 3/4 of a pot each morning. But, at work, I was drinking out of the "communal" coffee pot...every time I'd go for a cup, the pot would be empty and somebody would have forgotten to make more :( and, or the coffee that was there wasn't fresh or was already in the cooling stage. I finally gave in to the miniature Keurig...mine is just that, and the steaming cup of coffee on demand is just about the best thing ever! Worth every penny!

  2. I'm a Thanksgiving girl myself. I love fall in general, but Thanksgiving gives me the warm fuzzies, as they say. :)

    Don't work too hard. I hope you get some good Chicago-style pizza.

    1. I love Thanksgiving more than Christmas...I think it's bc Thanksgiving is generally a lot more quiet...Christmas is just NUTS.
      We went to the Cubs game on Monday night and had a blast!! I've been before but always love that experience :) I'm on a low carb diet but ate a hot dog and pretzel at the tummy says we're not doing that again :( Not sure what it would think about deep dish pizza!! I've eaten at Giordano's before and it is FABULOUS!

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