Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friday 5 that didn't get posted until the wee hours of Saturday morning...5 Things I Like besides Books :)

Friday 5 - 5 Things I'm Liking Right Now Besides Books 

1.  Pacifica

Not only do I love this cruelty free skincare and makeup brand, I loved finding this sassy lil sale tonight at Ulta! 

When the young man at the register checked me out, he even reacted to the price
$4.75 for this little sampler pack!
Can you say CLEARANCE?
And the same size trial individuals were sitting in bins on the bottom shelf for $5 each.
I did not have to think twice about this purchase...and I skipped all the way home to try it out. 

2.  Rhian HY from WifeLife on YouTube

and especially her "Empties" videos!! 
Rhian is one of my favorite YouTubers to watch...she and Tashina from Logical Harmony are by far two of the best in their biz.
When I watch the empties videos, I keep my Amazon account open so that I can fill up my wishlist.

I certainly don't buy everything on my wishlist.

...maybe not even one thing...but you've gotta love a Wishlist.  
Yes, I was one of those children who circled all the things in the Sears catalog every Christmas.

If, however, the same product shows up on multiple empties lists, I'll keep my eye open for it and purchase the next time I need that particular product.
and/or the next time I find it at Ulta for $4.95.

3.  Podcast of the Week

NPR Up First starts my day once I get in my car.
In 15-25 minutes, sometimes longer if they want to cover a more in depth piece, Rachel Martin, David Greene and Steve Inskeep catch me up on what I need to know.
My love for NPR goes all the way back to Hurricane Katrina.
We had no power radio signals, no cell phones...but somehow, someway, NPR got its shows to us.  
To this day, the station music and show music make me feel better, not to mention the quality of their shows.

4.  Paleo Running Mama's Facebook Recipes

Paleo Chicken Bacon & Strawberry Salad with Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette came across my FB feed this week...probably bc I have Paleo Running Mama as one of my FIRST to see FB pages.

(I have to keep my thumb on FB or it gets out of hand quickly.)

You better believe I'm adding this salad to an upcoming weekly menu! 

 5.  And, last but not least...

Cait Flanders blog is not new to me.  I've had it bookmarked for a while and check it now and again...but one of her posts this week really touched me.  I don't remember reading it before...maybe I did and just wasn't ready to hear what she had to say. 
I'm all about mindfulness.
In everything I do.
My brain is going to be busy, no matter what I I might as well give it something incredibly worthwhile to ponder. 

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