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The Sisters Hemingway by Annie England Noblin - TLC Book Tours Review

The Sisters Hemingway by Annie England Noblin

Paperback:384 pages 
Publisher:William Morrow Paperbacks (February 12, 2019) 

From the Publisher

  For fans of Susan Mallery, Kristan Higgins, or Susan Wiggs, this is a novel for anyone who loves stories about sisters, dogs, and family secrets.

 The Hemingway Sisters of Cold River, Missouri are local legends. Raised by a mother obsessed with Ernest Hemingway, they were named after the author's four wives Hadley, Pfeiffer, Martha, and Mary. The sisters couldn't be more different or more alike. 
Now they're back in town, reunited to repair their fractured relationships. 
 Hadley is the poised, polished wife of a senator.  
Pfeiffer is a successful New York book editor. 
 Martha has skyrocketed to Nashville stardom. 
 They each have a secret a marriage on the rocks, a job lost, a stint in rehab, and they haven't been together in years. 
 Together, they must stay in their childhood home, faced with a puzzle that may affect all their futures. 
As they learn the truth of what happened to their mother and their youngest sister, Mary, they rekindle the bonds they had as children, bonds that have long seemed broken. 
With the help of neighbors, friends, love interests old and new and one endearing and determined Basset Hound, the Sisters Hemingway learn that he happiness that has appeared so elusive may be right here at home, waiting to be claimed. 


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My Take 

I already knew I would like this book just by the content...I also have 3 daughters who couldn't be more alike and at the same time, so different.
I loved the premise of each "escaping" home and coming back to find each other again, now that they're old enough to realizes their differences don't mean they have no connection.
Childhood trauma flows through this story to me.  I never faulted any of sisters for their actions.  In my mind, they were each just trying to survive in their own way.  I loved the sisters and would love for Noblin to write more about them.  I found myself emotionally attached by the end.  One of my favorite scenes is when the sisters are trying to get up in the attic...these sophisticated worldly women and their various body parts are hanging from the ceiling trying to get the ladder to spring...I laughed out loud here because so much of this novel is about what happens when we go home...when we've lost ourselves in the world...or think we have...and then find out that our true selves have really been there all the time.  We just needed our sisters, lifetime friends, and honesty to bring our selves back around again.
I'm not a romance reader, but the romance in this novel touched even me.  We all have those we left behind, and I think all of us wonders from time to time what would happen if we went back.
I did like the way Noblin ended the mystery.  I thought I knew what was going to happen, and I was close, but I didn't figure it out completely. A very nice wrap up that made perfect sense with the rest of the novel.  Such sadness but such closure at the same time.  The sisters came from a long line of broken.
And they've survived and will thrive from now on...together :) 

I liked this one :)

If you like narratives similar to Gilmore Girls or Sweet Home Alabama, I think you'll like this one too :) 

The Author

Annie England Noblin

Annie England Noblin lives with her son, husband, and three dogs in the Missouri Ozarks. She graduated with an M.A. in creative writing from Missouri State University and currently teaches English and communications for Arkansas State University in Mountain Home, Arkansas. She spends her free time playing make-believe, feeding stray cats, and working with animal shelters across the country to save homeless dogs. 

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  1. This sounds so great!! Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite movies so I'm all about this one. Thanks for being on the tour!

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