Thursday, March 25, 2010

One of Those Days

I've long since given up on my 365 Project idea....
It's just not who I am...
I really don't know how to explain it...
Photography is simply something I enjoy.
If a picture means something to me, that's all I really care about.
Forcing myself to upload something every single day was a good idea...but in the long run may have added to my stress.
Another assignment with a due date.
I became one of my students.
I have enough stress, thank you.
Photography takes my mind off all the other things in life that are not so great.
Like work.
Why the heck would I want to make photography seem more like work?

I don't really want to talk about work.
Just suffice to say that today wasn't the best day ever.
And, it started before I got there this morning.

On days like today, I leave as soon as it's permissible.
I join my children at home and enjoy the extended daylight hours.
Today, my youngest and I went outside and simply enjoyed the beauty around us.
The wind was blowing adamantly...
The air was warm with just a hint of coolness...
The Pines swayed dramatically as if they were demanding my attention.

I know that's kinda corny.
But, they really did DEMAND my attention.

I remember a scene from "The Color Purple."
Where Miss Celie expresses her belief that God wants us to notice the simple beauty around us.
If we look right past the beauty in our backyards, then God gets upset...
That's not exactly what Miss Celie said, but you get my gist.
God wants us to see the beauty in the simplicity of life.
Our lives are beautiful.
All the facade of the outside world means nothing when compared to the natural, simple beauty God has created for us to behold.

I am soooooo thankful for my faith and my belief that God is in everything around me.

Here is what I saw today when looking for God's simple beauty:

My buddies...sticking together...
Not sure what they were doing since I was using my zoom lens this afternoon.
But, they were intent with whatever it was.

The Magnolias in the sunshine.
Thank you, God for sunshine.
And Magnolias...
I am a Mississippi girl, after all...
What do you expect?

A spooky sort of picture...
But just some leftover "stuff"
What will we use this for?
I bet we find something.

My youngest "pretending."
Do you remember as a young child when you would just create a whole new world?

Mr. or Mrs. Bird...
Happy that Spring is here!
Me too, Mr. Bird...
Me too!

My best buddy...Uh-Oh
He loves his mommy!

An abandoned dog house and a pile of sticks...
So Southern and so cliche...

The woods...
Not really,
My friend Missie's yard is what you see in the background.
But, still, I can dream.
God wants me to revel in the simple beauty of his creation, remember??

Thank you, God, for the simplicity of life around me and the simplicity of your neverending love.

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