Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As I mentioned in yesterday's post, BeyBey is the newest addition to our household.

You may be wondering, as my new blogging friend Paula did, how in the world we acquired a 5 year old "retired" Bulldog.
There is actually no process to follow.
As with most things in my life so far, I just fall into them, whether willingly or not.
This time I was lucky.

A few weeks ago when Beneigt had his Wolf problem, I took him to our vet.
After his Wolf removal procedure, I was standing in the waiting room with a yowling Beneigt waiting to pay for the vet's services.
A man I'd never seen before was standing behind me also waiting his turn.
He was waiting to purchase medicine so he did not have an animal with him.

Now, I don't know if you've noticed or not...but I am a talker and I like to tell stories.
Have you noticed?
My friend Missie even says there's no need for her to read my blog because the first thing I do every morning is tell her all my stories.
I have no secrets.

As we waited in the vet's office, what do you think I, the talker and story teller, did?

I started Stranger Man...about Beneigt, about his "Wolf," about the procedure he had just undergone, about how bad he felt, about my other cat, my children, our other dog, the Head of My Household, etc.

You name it; I talked about it.
To Stranger Man.

Have you noticed how people do this in the vet's office?
There must be something about animal lovers that draws us all to each other.
Another universal mystery.

Somehow in the conversation the word "Bulldog" came up.
I said, "Awww, my husband has always wanted a Bulldog!"

At this point the man mentioned he was a breeder and shower
(I'm sure shower is not the word he used but I can't think of the correct term right now)
I said something to the effect of "Oh wow, how cool is that...we both went to many do you have...etc. etc. etc."
Talking again...

Stranger Man says, "Have you ever thought of getting an adult Bulldog rather than a puppy?"

He then explained to me that when one of his adult females is "finished," which means she is not going to be bred anymore and she is done showing, they always try to find her a family home where she can live out the rest of her days in comfort.
He told me his wife was adamant that the dogs be placed in family homes where there were lots of opportunities for petting, loving etc.

At this point in the conversation, I'm thinking, "Holy Smokes, this guy is serious!"
Stranger Man gave me his card and told me to have the Head of My Household give him a call after we perused his website.

Now, I wasn't sure how the Head of My Household would feel about an adult dog.
He was so ambivalent that he waited all of 2 seconds after me telling him this story to run to the computer.

The Head of My Household called Stranger Man and they talked for a while.
When the Head of My Household hung up the phone, he seemed a little disappointed.
Stranger Man told the Head of My Household everything a person could possibly want to know about a potential pet.
Then Stranger Man told the Head of My Household that he wanted to talk it over more with his wife and make sure she was ready for BeyBey to be "finished."
Stranger Man would keep our number and give us a call if he and his wife did indeed decide that BeyBey was ready to be placed.

We didn't hear from Stranger Man again until this past Saturday night.
Stranger Man wanted to bring BeyBey for a visit on Sunday afternoon.
Just a visit.

What we didn't know then was that Stranger Man had done a doggy version of an FBI check on the Head of My Household and me.
What kind of pet owners we were.
What other pets we owned, etc.

We also didn't realize that the Sunday afternoon visit was the last step of the test.
How would we respond to BeyBey?
How would our children respond to BeyBey?
Was our house an appropriate and safe house for BeyBey?
most importantly
How would BeyBey like cats?

Before visiting us on Sunday, BeyBey had never before seen a CAT!!!

Guess what??

The Head of My Household and I passed!!
With flying colors I might add...because BeyBey has been with us ever since.
Beneigt and Uh-Oh passed too.
Although I wouldn't actually call it flying colors.
Not that it concerns them in the least.

The picture below will give you some idea of how this 5 year old "retired" show dog, is adjusting to our home.
Please notice that BeyBey is on my couch.
Please notice the beautiful pastel colored collar that adorns her neck.
Please notice my firstborn who is rubbing her neck.
Please notice how BeyBey has politely raised her head as much as a Bulldog possibly can to make sure my firstborn doesn't have to strain herself as she continues (hopefully forever) to rub BeyBey's neck.

Please notice how Soccer Boy is lovingly cradling BeyBey in his lap.

Please notice BeyBey preparing to give my adoring firstborn some kisses.

In-between kisses.

BeyBey loves kisses!!!
My firstborn LOVES BeyBey.

BeyBey showing off some of her model poses standing outside on my little brick patio the Head of My Household built for me (another one of those quiet little projects I love).

BeyBey wasn't sure about the youngest's Dora the Explorer Big Wheel.

She made up her mind to dislike the Dora the Explorer Big Wheel when my youngest proceded to ride it across the concrete.

Big Wheels should be annihilated.

Down with Big Wheels!

BeyBey is distracted at times by the cats...more on this later :)

One of BeyBey's cutie patootie poses when she gets really tired and decides to rest a spell.

The Head of My Household and BeyBey...he just loves her to pieces.

Bulldogs are not known for their energy...BeyBey's funniest trick so far is falling asleep while sitting up :):)

She snores too!

I heart BeyBey!!


  1. Does BeyBey sleep in bed with you? If not yet, it looks like she may be moving in soon:-)

  2. Oh my, I think that's the way I sit (and look) when I get tired and need to sit a spell. It's not as cute on me.

  3. Glad you passed!! BeyBey looks like a grand addition to your family!