Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunshine on My Shoulder

Today is Tuesday... but it sure feels like a Monday.

I woke up this morning around 2 a.m. because I literally could not breathe...the crud is back...thanks to my croupy youngest child.

I got up, and against my better judgement took some Tylenol PM cough and cold medicine.
Meds and I, we go way back.
Especially anything that will make you sleepy.
If it makes you drowsy, it knocks me on my arse.

Anyhoo, I was desperate...so I took some of that vile tasting stuff.
When I woke up by chance this morning at 7 (at least an hour later than I should have woken up), the world was revolving around me...literally...
I was still in such a stupor for most of the day that I believe I could have had minor surgery and not felt a thing.

After a heavy duty nap after work outside in a lounge chair by the pool in the sunshine, I finally began to feel like I was awake.
Amazing what sunshine can do.

I found these picture in my NYC archives and they made me feel better too...

These tulips were planted in a small park area where vendors are set up downtown between the Brooks Brothers flagship store and Ground Zero.

Amazing what sunshine can do!
Please hurry, Summer.


  1. I love tulips. How can you not be happy with those beautiful colors?? I hope you feel better!

  2. Sorry you are sick. :( Sunshine does make everything better! :)