Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Vacation Part 1

After working registration on Friday and a 2 hour meeting on the Friday afternoon before the Memorial Day holiday (who's idea was that, anyway??), I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get my family ready for our vacation in Destin. 

We were scheduled to leave by noon on Saturday, and I was determined not to lose my mind before we left.  I'm notorious for freaking out a little before I leave to so somewhere...I'm a little OCD about how I like to leave my house when we're going to be gone.  Certain things like dirty laundry and dishes in the sink or dishwasher can make me nuts. 

I wanted to stake my tomato plants before I left, but my Farm and Garden was out of stakes :(  I did not have time nor was I interested in going to Wally World to buy tomato stakes, so hopefully my tomato plants will be ok when I get back. My cucumbers are growing like crazy every's almost as if you can SEE them growing

Our yellow pepper plants keep getting taller and have little buds on them...I'm not sure if the buds are new branches or actually the beginnings of a pepper.

My youngest's watermelons are beginning to spread out...I'm so glad we left them plenty of room to grow.  The last watermelons we grew were very small, but much of the reason was planting them too close together.  Vines have to have room.

I can't wait to see our plants when we get back home; I can only imagine how much they will have grown after not seeing them for 7 days!

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  1. I'm so glad you're almost ready to take your wonderful vacation. I'm EXACTLY like you when it comes to my house, laundry, etc upon leaving.
    Your garden looks amazing..I'm so jealous.
    Up until a few weeks ago, the ex-wife was planning to be in Destin for the next week. I think they've changed their plans to Tampa now.
    Have a FABULOUS vacation.