Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Birth

My youngest and I check our little garden beds every single day for signs of growth.
We've been doing this since the day after we planted.
Not sure what we thought we'd see that first day...but we looked anyway.
Sometimes we check on them twice a day :)

Yesterday we saw this

This cherry tomato is called a "Husky Red"...don'tcha just love that?
Makes me think of little kids clothes :)
I can just picture a little kid in his blue jeans with the elastic waistband...a tough kid...just a little bit bigger than the others.

Those are our little Husky Reds...the first yields of our entire garden beds. 
We were squealing as if someone had given birth to a real baby.
Thank goodness it wasn't me :)

This is what our tomato bed looks like...I may have overplanted, but I don't really even care.
I do have to get my tomato stakes in before we leave for Destin.
We had one good wind, and several of my beloved tomato plants were leaning to the side.
I've got to make sure they'll be ok while I'm away.
I'm actually very worried about leaving them.
Not worried enough to stay home.
But, worried just the same.

These are our cucumbers.
We left plenty of room in this box so that the vines could spread at will.

And, this box has our watermelons in the back with hopefully enough room to grow and spread their vines, yellow peppers on the front right corner, and one little strawberry plant on the front left corner.
(I've got to learn how to write directly on my photos like I've seen other bloggers do :)

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  1. Wow! I just love looking at sprouting fruits and veggies. Such a wonderful miracle to watch something grow out of dirt. I look forward to seeing your meals that you cook with your bounty!