Thursday, May 20, 2010


As I've mentioned before, I absolutely love it when PW hosts a photography assignment.
I've been taking pictures of things for as long as I can remember...but I am not a professional.
I enjoy the warmth and emotion and especially the memories elicited by my photos...that's about it.

Yep, right up my touchy feely, smushy, mushy, try to act all tough but really am a pushover when it comes to certain things alley.

I browsed through the photos on my laptop to see which ones stood out to me as "Happiness" and here are a few:

First day of school for both ...Kindergarten for the little one and 11th grade for her big sister.

My "Wild Redneck Woman Child" riding her Dora Big Wheel around our cement pond...sunglasses, fishing pole and all :)
This picure was taken on one of the first sunny days in the was probably only 60 degrees outside!

My little tiger...
This was her hand-me-down Halloween costume when she was two and had absolutely no hair...She wore this costume year round for almost 3 years and even slept in it!  My youngest has just recently grown too much to get her tiger costume off her head.  We hung it in her closet for safekeepng; I will never be able to give this costume away.

The youngest's birthday...surely I don't have to explain this one.

My firstborn and her first love.

1st Day of School middle child and youngest.

Winter Snow 2010
My middle child and her famous dimples.


Mississippi kid with mismatched socks for gloves riding a Mississippi sled, a.k.a. a garbage can top.

Destin...nuff said.


Children = Joy

Here I go!!  Mommy, are you watching?!

My middle child and her aunt walking the dogs.

Easter 2010, annual picture gone awry.
Wonderful memories.

Easter 2010  - deliriousness sets in.
My girls, my heart, my life.

The things that I've noticed about all of the absolutely stunning photos that have been submitted so far on PW's site are the genuine features on the subjects' faces.  I LIVE for that kind of picture.  A photo that captures "happiness" is truly a "capture," one that can not be posed, and one that brings about a warm feeling from the viewer, whether or not he/she actually took the picture.

Of course if the viewer did take the picture, then watch out...because pictures that evoke happiness are sure to bring about even stronger emotions for the person who actually lived those priceless moments in time.

I've scrolled down the ones I used in this post several times; I don't want to stop looking at them :)

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  1. I love happy, and I love those photos. That middle child of yours looks like her momma.