Monday, June 21, 2010

Boston and The Sox

A story that Melanie at Coupon Goddess told today reminded me of a trip the Head of My Household and I took in May.
We went to Boston and to a Red Sox game.

Please excuse the Chicago sweatshirt I had on. 
In May it is h. o. t. in Mississippi, but not necessarily so on the East Coast.
I was caught off guard; by the time we landed in Chicago, I had to have some sleeves.

Do you ever have those times with your husband when you remember vividly why you married him in the first place? 
This trip was one of those times for me.

We actually had a small group of students with us from our college's Student Government Association and one other adult chaperone.
But, we still enjoyed the trip and the time we spent with each other.
Who knew we actually had a few things in common? :)

I was also reminded this weekend of just how lucky I am.
The Head of My Household's family is still adjusting to life without his dad who passed away in Father's Day was especially emotional.

His mom told me Saturday night just how much she missed his dad.
She said he would know exactly what to do.
Another of her sons is in a lot of pain.
And, could use as many prayers as you can send his way.

As I pray for continued emotional healing for The Head of My Household's brother and the rest of his family, I am also going to say an extra prayer of thanks that I have the husband I do.
A husband who loves me, our family and our children more than anything and spends every waking moment of our life working hard to make sure that all is well.
A husband who accepts me just the way that I am.
A husband who encourages me to be the woman that I exert my well as enjoy being at home.

I am not sure we were friends when we first married, but I know that we are now.
Thank you, Lord for my many blessings.


  1. It's the best thing in the world to be married to and in love with your best friend. I didn't get it right the first time, but this time I got a winner too.
    Good for you doing it right the first time!!

  2. What a sweet post. My husband, Don, is my best friend too. :) Fenway is such a great ballpark, isn't it? I've been once (when the Yankees played there) and ended up wearing lots of beer (I'm a Yankees fan). :) It was great fun!