Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cats and Birds

Have I mentioned that I'm an animal lover?
Have I mentioned that I specifically love Uh-Oh?

Uh-Oh loves to pretend as if our backyard is his own personal jungle.
A jungle with air conditioning pretty close by.

As much as I love Uh-Oh, I also love other kinds of animals...even birds.
The day I took this photo four bluebirds and one finch were torturing Uh-Oh with their shrieks, fly-by's and little funny jigs to get Uh-Oh's attention.

I'm guessing there was a nest nearby because the birds were making so much noise that they not only attracted my attention, but Beneigt's as well.
Hey, Bro, what's all the racket?

They both became almost mesmerized by the bird shenanigans.
Huh, What'd you say?

There he goes again!

Uh-Oh was too far gone, but Beneigt began to get some of his "cool" back.
C-mon, Uh-Oh, are we really gonna let some bluebird get the best of us???

You might, but I'm not...
I'll just shut my eyes and pretend I'm not in the least bit interested.

As the birds got braver, Beneight lost all control as well.
Where'd he go??? Where'd he go??

Beneigt and Uh-Oh both watched every swoop the birds made.

  A few times they both made this funny meow/purr sound...they were so beside themselves that their jaws shook :) 

The bird Wimbledon continued for quite a while.
I'm no dummy; I know Uh-Oh and Beneigt felt just like I do when I'm standing in front of a warm chocolate fountain. 

I'm happy to report that no birds (or cats) were harmed the morning I took these photos.

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  1. I love it! That funny sound they make is called chattering. My cat Anders does it...sometimes he drools. But he's older and lazy and never catches anything anymore.

    Our other cat, Captain Jack Sparrow...he looks like a scruffier version of your kitties and he's a completely different story. He brought a sparrow in a couple days ago, darn it all, and he wouldn't give it up. Believe it or not, I have successfully rescued a few birds right from the mouths of felines.

    Never a blue jay, though. Those are some smart birdies. =)