Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dance Recital Memories

The Head of My Household and I attended our umteenth dance recital tonight. 
The Big Sisters helped the Little Sister get ready...make-up, dance bag, costume changes.

When our youngest took the stage, I had tears in my eyes.

She may be the youngest, but she's not a baby anymore.

She chin upped this afternoon when she realized that temporary beach tatoos wouldn't be terribly attractive on the dance floor :)
and allowed her middle sister to remove the "tatoos" with lotion.
She "took one for the team"

For days she has been asking about her recital and whether or not I had her costumes organized.
When we returned home from Destin, too late to attend her dress rehearsal, she became very concerned about one particular costume that needed to be picked up from her instructor.
She wasn't worried about the dress rehearsal...just that she have all of her stuff ready to go.
I drove into town once again to set her mind at ease.

Then, from the moment she opened her eyes this morning she has asked over and over again, "Is it time yet?"
She was very serious as she prepared for her big night (actually afternoon).  She seemed so much older than her 6 years. 
I didn't tear up because of how grown my youngest has become.

I teared up because
while I was watching my youngest dance, I couldn't help but think about these two:

This is my firstborn and middle child.
As you can tell by this photo, we've done this drill before.

My firstborn will be a Senior during the upcoming school year.

My middle child will be a Senior the following year.

Where has the time gone?

Am I sad that they have reached that milestone age where they will branch out and become more of their own individual selves than my little girls?
I don't begrudge them the growing up experience.

Do I wish I could go back in time?
I don't believe in that sort of thing at all. 
I'm a firm believer that if we spend all of our time looking in the rearview mirror, we will never see the road of opportunity ahead of us.

I actually haven't decided exactly what I think I am yet.
I'll let you know.


  1. Good gracious, I'm crying over this post. You have such beautiful little ones. (and not so little ones anymore) Great photos and a great family. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I know exactly what you're feeling and I can't put it into words either. I'm watching my youngest (biological) leave the nest this summer. I'm so stinkin' proud of her but I'm going to miss her terribly. My husband doesn't get it.
    Your girls are beautiful. I love the photos of the little one. Enjoy her while she's still a little girl.

  3. They are all so beautiful! I can't wait until we get to go to recitals. I try not to look back either, but I'm also trying not too look ahead so much that I wish the time away. The last 18 months have gone so fast, I am excited to enjoy the next 18 years:-)