Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Tomorrow Brings...

This is the Destin that we know and have grown to love throughout my lifetime but especially over the last 5 years.

We've spent many days and nights with our doors open, listening to the waves crash to shore, running up and down the beaches playing with seashells and crabs.  We had our first real life sighting of sharks here and discussed (while standing on the beach allowing them to swim by) that we were the trespassers in their territory and must respect their environment.  We've "swam with the fishes" for real at times...sometimes we liked it and other times we weren't so sure the fishes weren't nipping us on purpose just to laugh as we ran to the shore :)  We've learned about how to enjoy one of our world's greatest natural resources and to leave it as we found it.

Thanks to our country's over-reliance on oil, this is on its way.

According to various news sources 5,000 gallons of oil are still leaking from the site of the explosion each and every day.





I don't know whose fault it is.

I don't really care right now.

I just want them to stop the leak.

Oil has already reached the Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana coastlines, killing animals, vegetation and environmental areas that will probably never recover.
The latest projections today show the Florida beaches at Pensacola are next.

I am so thankful to those people, the biologists, the environmental scientists, the veterinarians, etc. who are already on the job working night and day to try and save as much as possible. 

I know that they probably feel as helpless if not more helpless than all the rest of us do.
Although, their jobs don't shield them from the tragedy of this disaster.
While the rest of us sit at home (or in a fabulous resort) enjoying the summer.

I'm going to continue to think about the consequence of big oil in our lives.
Big companies like BP are only answering our demands with their incessant drilling off our beaches' shores.

So, is BP at fault?  Or are we?


  1. Well said. Gawd - this is stomach-sickening, heart-breaking, and mind-boggling. How will we ever recover?

  2. It is so tragic, and I wish there was just SOMETHING I could do... times like this make me wish I had choosen a career that would have equipped me to help with these disasters.