Monday, October 18, 2010

Magazine Monday - "Everyday with Rachael Ray"

"Everyday with Rachael Ray" is obviously a magazine from the Food Network star Rachael Ray who is usually on the cover of every issue (actually I can't think of an issue that she wasn't on the cover of).

Please excuse the rip on the cover of my October issue...I pulled off the sticky address tab and it left a mess. 

I like to watch Rachael on t.v. when I can catch the show...which is not very often.
But, I like to watch her skills and processes more than the actual dishes she makes most of the time. 
Her skills are not those of someone who has been trained at Culinary School...because she wasn't.
She is a self-trained cook, which makes her show a little more enticing to someone (most of us) who've also never been to Culinary School.
Rachael grew up working in her family's restaurant/grocery store business, and everything she knows came from those experiences.

I've learned from Rachael to use a garbage bowl of some kind...or simply just throw things away as I go.  Rachael will even slow down and show you how to chop something...over and over and over again.
And, who has never heard of EVOO?
I own a couple of her cookbooks; there are not enough pictures in them for my taste.
That's probably why I like her magazine best of all. 

Rachael starts out each issue with a "letter from the editor" style intro.
This intro is written in Rachael's own words, her personality very obviously embedded in the intro.
I like this because it shows me that Rachael obviously still has a lot to do with her magazine.

One of my favorite sections of the magazine is called Take 5...Rachael and her creative team make recipes each month with only 5 ingredients. That's definitely something this busy mom can get into.
In the October issue, Rachael even had the first special section on Take 5's...including breakfast, lunch and supper (Can you tell where I'm from?)

Another fun section is the Taste Test section...Rachael takes 5-6 of the most well known products for the same kind of dish and compares them...not just her opinion of course.  But, the opinions are very specific in their reasons and the group of testers chooses a winner in the end.

Sign me up for the next ice cream treat tasting!

Anyone who watches Rachael knows that she's a pet lover...especially dogs. 
Now, I'm a cat lover, but I also have a soft spot for just about any animal out there. 
(Remember I'm the well educated woman who has a baby squirrel living in my house).
Rachael has a section called Pet Friendly where she discusses interesting pet snacks and meals that are also healthy for your dogs as well as pretty easy to make. 
Honestly, I've never made one of these recipes, but I love reading about them and seeing all the pictures of the various kinds of dogs featured each month.

Of course there are the 30 minute meals...
Duh, right?

and each month Rachael takes the dishes prepared for the magazine and organizes them into meals for a week, including grocery list, prices, etc.

Whether or not you are going to make the recipes in magazine, you can still find something in this section on organizing and making the most with your groceries and for the best money.

My most favorite section of the magazine, however, is the celebrity refrigerator.
I really can't explain to you why I love's so silly to want to peek inside someone's refrigerator!!
The celebrity is pictured standing beside his/her refrigerator and Rachael interviews him/her on the right side of the page.
She asks about specific items that catch her attention in the refrigerator as well as other questions about the person's eating/cooking habits.

 October's celebrity is Brooke Burke.
Holy Moly!
Brooke has a HUGE refrigerator!
She has 4 kids so there are some Hot Pockets in there as well as the adult stuff...I think that's neat :)

my favorite refrigerator so far...
Drumroll please....
Oh, be still my heart, last month's fridge belonged to none other than Stephen Moyer!
True Blood!!

This is actually the refrigerator in his on the set trailer....but still...
French's mustard and CANDY bars!



  1. In May of 2009 I got to be on her talk show. It was a Mother's Day special and I was on with Bill Clinton and another mom. I didn't meet Rachael until about 10 minutes before the show started and all I could think was, "She is TINY". On TV she looks like she might be a normal sized girl. Nope. Teeny-tiny. I don't know who eats all that food she cooks, but it isn't her!

  2. Wow, Mindee!! That's so neat! She seems tireless with all her projects, travels etc...she would wear me out! ;)

  3. I love Rachel Ray :) I love that she wasn't trained in culinary school because she cooks in a way that the "normal" person understands. I've never looked through her magazine but it looks great! Thinking about getting a subscribtion..

  4. Kelly, her magazine is a lot like her...peppy, busy and and pictures for days... :)

  5. I make her grilled marinated flank steak recipe all the time!

  6. Betsy, I'd love to try flank you have that recipe?