Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Fictional Crushes


I know I said I was going to post teasers on Tuesdays...but I found this much cooler meme while I was hopping around this past weekend!  It's over on Broke and Bookish's blog and is called Top Ten Tuesday!!  Today's theme is Top Ten Fictional Crushes. 

Here we go!!

1.  Edward - Breaking Dawn - I'm sorry; I truly am, but good grief people...as sappy as it is, this hundreds of years old man loves this young woman. She is his soul mate, he loves her just the way she is, and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. 

2.  Jean Claude - Guilty Pleasures - sorry again - Jean Claude can have anyone he wants, anytime he wants, whatever way he wants...ahem, cough, cough...and he wants Anita.  He knows that she would not die while he is trying to save her...because she would simply save herself...and he likes that.  Swoon.

3. Dracula - oh my, my 3rd vampire...it is Halloween, you know.  Yes, he's evil, yes, he's the undead, yes, he's dangerous...but he's intelligent, dark, brooding, has manners, knows what he wants and takes it...heavens, I feel faint.

4. Morelli and Ranger - One for the Money - I've been told as I get further into this series that I will choose one over the other.  We'll see. 

5. Professor Bear - Little Women - a smart older man who finds it refreshing to be around a strong woman who speaks her mind and doesn't quite fit the traditional feminine role.  Refreshing.

6. Penn Cage - Quiet Game - a widower, Penn devotes himself to his law practice but is an ever present father in his daughter's life.  Nothing sexier than a father who loves his children.

7. Atticus Finch - To Kill a Mockingbird - again, a father of a motherless child...oh my, another incredibly smart man who takes on an almost impossible task in order to do what's right...a man unafraid of losing his reputation and living his life so that his children will be stronger. 

8. Father Tim - At Home in Mitford - from vampires to widowers to priests...hmmmm?  Father Tim is so comfy...I don't really know if it's Father Tim I have a crush on or Mitford.  But, there's something about an older man who marries late in life and knows how to treat a woman with sensitivity, love and honor.

9.  Bill - Dead Until Dark - I'm sorry all you Team Eric folks...I like the original...and I'm not giving up hope that eventually Sookie will come back to where she belongs.  Another man who loves a woman but is willing to let her go if that is what she wishes.  Gallantry is not dead yet, folks...er, oh, maybe it is dead...?

10. Sirius Black - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Another dark, convicted, brooding character...I'm not sure what this list says about my choice in men ;)

Needless to say, my husband would be more like Penn Cage or Atticus Finch...except that I'm still alive :):)



  1. Great List. I also love Edward! And I totally see why Sirius Black is on your list.

    Here's my Top 10 List

  2. I didn't even think of Sirius Black. He's an amazing character. Did you know, Gary Oldman played him and Dracula in their movie adaptations?

  3. I'm so glad other people are putting Edward on their list! I almost left him off of mine!

    Thanks for participating this week! I hope you'll join us again!

  4. Krystal and Loni, my oldest daughter reminded me of how crazed I was about Sirius Black! I almost forgot him!!!

    Yes, Loni, I did know that Gary Oldman played both characters...what a fine choice he was for both fictional characters...I just love the darkness...both inside and out! ;)

    Jen, I love this meme!! It is sooo much fun! Count me in! I've already started thinking about next week and have 3 books on my scary list!

  5. Atticus Finch rocks. He just narrowly missed out on my own list.

  6. Ok, I have read all the Stephanie Plum novels and I can't completely choose between Morelli and Ranger. In a perfect, fictional world, you could have both.. could you not? I would love to say Morelli, and I would choose him if I HAD to choose, but oh my... that bad boy magnetism of Ranger. :::swoon:::

  7. Oh NO! I really shouldn't have read your #9! I've only read the first two in the Dead Until Dark series, and I've been loving me some True Blood these days. *sigh*
    Great list! And yes, Edward really shouldn't count as a teenager.

  8. Christina, you will still love it!!...the books are very different from the tv show...I like both!

    Paula, it's ok with me for Stephanie to have both ;)

  9. I love Father Tim. I read the Mitford books a long, long time ago but I remember loving them and thinking he was the cutest man.