Saturday, December 11, 2010

Calm in the Midst of Chaos

This past week has been one of those weeks that makes me dislike the Christmas season, not Christmas itself mind you, but the season.  Why in the world everybody feels the need to schedule something...anything during the busiest month of the year, I have no idea. 
I just gird my loins and just bulldozer through the best I can.

For seven straight days I have been literally on the run and have only slept in my own bed for 2 of those nights.  I have been in 3 states, attended I have no idea how many meetings, spoken to entirely too many people and then returned home to a marathon day of getting 7 classes of final grades into our computer system.  I was only an hour past the final deadline so I guess that's pretty good. 
I always feel guilty for being the last one to turn grades in. 
But, then I get mad bc I feel guilty; it's not like I've been on vacation all week. 

The guilt follows me into my personal life as well.  I made it 30 minutes late to a soccer game last night.  I thought it started at 6:30 and it started at 6:00.  More guilt. 
I could barely keep my eyes open and had to beg off my work responsibilities for Show Choir Dinner Theatre after the soccer game.  Double the guilt.
I will somehow have to redeem myself at the 2nd performance tonight. 
The Head of My Household informed me last night that we will be attending a Christmas Party after Dinner Theatre tonight.  HUH???

January and February are not looking much better unfortunately.  I have a trip planned for the first of the year and realized last night that said trip is the same weekend as the Soccer championships this year.  Geez...when will the guilt end?
Do I not plan the trip in case we go?
Do I plan the trip assuming the team won't make it to the championship game?
And, then what if I plan the trip assuming they won't make it...and they do?
And, what if I cancel the trip assuming they will make it to the championship...and they don't.
No win situation.

I have not had time to read, blog, decorate, bake cookies, etc...all things which make feel better amidst all this madness.  If I can make it through tonight, I hope to be able to remedy that next week.
Unless there's something else I've forgotten about.

The only thing that has kept me going this week is to look at pics like this:

This is my brand new little best buddy (newphew) Greyson.
He was born Dec. 2 and is my only brother's firstborn.  I actually was able to see him before I left on my whirlwind tour this past week.

I don't wish I had a baby...don't anybody panic.
I have daughters so a baby boy is a new experience for me.  I also have other nephews...but this one is different somehow...maybe it's my age...maybe it's my own close relationship with my brother who is 11 years younger than me. 
But, I'm so enjoying be an aunt...I get to look at little boy things in all the stores...pick out books I want him to read...look at his little face and remember his little baby smell :)

This is what life is really all about.
Thank you Little G for keeping me sane :)
For a little while longer anyway ;)


  1. Congrats on becoming an aunt!

    I hope you get some time to wind down and enjoy the holidays soon.

  2. It's amazing how a baby can calm you down. (when they're calm) I've always said there is no therapy better than rocking a baby.
    I hope your week is calmer and you can catch up on the fun stuff of the season.

  3. I really, truly dislike being overly busy. So sorry about your week!

    Yay for babies though - and that little guy is especially cute. :)

  4. I love the name Greyson! And he is adorable. Congratulations.

  5. What a beautiful baby boy! Sorry about your crazy week though and hope this week may be just a little bit better!

  6. Yikes, on your busy schedule. I hope you can get some nice downtime soon. And congratulations on that superbly beautiful little boy, what a nice Christmas present for your whole family.

  7. I love little reminders (like your little nephew's photo) to slow down, take a deep breath, and smile. :)

  8. Sounds like your life is just crazy busy ... but a sleeping baby helps slow the old heart rate and remind you of the good and precious things in life. (And just let go of the guilt ... it just drags you down!)

  9. First off, Greyson is a doll!

    I'm with you. December is busy enough on its own. Why or why do people schedule things like games and meetings during this month? My son starts basketball this Saturday. Why? What's the point really?

    I learned last year to work free nights into my calendar. I literally block them out as busy so that when I am searching for an open slot to stick yet one more thing, psychologically I am all booked up. It helps.

  10. I dislike this season and I had far, far less to do than you have! It sounds manic, and nothing that you should feel guilty about. There are only so many hours in a day, and only a percentage of those are ones of peak performance. Really hoping you will have a chance soon to relax a little.