Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Washing Machine That Works...The Continuing Saga

The Head of My Household and I are arguing over a washing machine.

Yes, I know.
Quite entertaining, no doubt.

You may or may not recall previous bouts of washing machine drama.
We have lots of drama in this house...even the appliances have drama.

Right now, we both agree that we need a new washer.
Unfortunately that's all we agree on.

HE realized we needed a new washer when HE was searching for towels and underwear. 
HE realized what I've been telling him for months...but only once it affected him a very personal way.
HE would rather not spend very much money on replacing the washer.


I have known for months that we needed a new washer.
I DO NOT want the most newfangled washing machine alive on the planet today.
I simply want a washing machine that's big enough and tough enough to handle our family's laundry.
We don't need no fragile washing machines in our house.
No sir!

HE only sees the price tag.
I see the pile of laundry.
HE wants me to agree with him...but HE wants me to think that it was MY decision to agree with HIM.

Good Grief...I'm exasperated just typing this up.

So far, neither of us is budging...and the laundry is piling up.
To be continued...

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  1. Tell him if he takes over the washing of clothes duty, he can buy any one he likes, otherwise, "zip it" and let you decide...LOL