Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baltimore, MD - SGA Trip

Each year the Head of my Household plans a trip for a small group of students involved in our college's Student Government Association (SGA).  This trip is a long time tradition, and for the last several years I've been fortunate enough to get invited :)  We've been to  San Antonio, Chicago, Boston and now Baltimore.  This trip always comes at the end of the year when we are in most need of a few days off...and this year the trip was delayed by a week due to our firstborn's graduation.  At first I wasn't sure I would be ready to leave the very next morning after graduation...but I was wrong!
The Orioles game, touring D.C. and the Inner Harbor provided the perfect downtime for my weary soul.

While I've certainly enjoyed each trip I've been on, this year's trip to Baltimore was the best so far because of the students involved. I've known both young men since they were little fellas...for some reason this does not make me feel old; once a Mama, always a Mama is the way I see that.
One of the young ladies is our outgoing president, the baby of her family and tons of fun to be around. I see my youngest in this young woman. Her facial structure and the cleft in her chin also remind me soooo much of my childhood BFF and Maid of Honor at my wedding :)
The incoming president is a young woman I've not had the privilege of knowing until this trip...she is serious and quiet while still enjoying life and I believe will be a great addition to our upcoming SGA group. She and I talked alot about books...imagine that?

Last but not least is a young woman who has become very special to me and to our entire family. I'm not sure exactly what I will do without her this upcoming year. She is like another sister to my youngest...without all that messy sibling rivalry stuff :/
This young woman is a sweetheart...there is not a more loving soul on this planet...she is honest, straightforward, loves counry music...eventhough she'll never quite make it on American Idol ;) and gave my little buddy Squeakers a permanent home once his rehab process was complete.
Today also happens to be her birthday :)
Happy Birthday, Sheila :):):)

We're not sure where next year will take us...although some speculation has already begun...Churchill Downs has been suggested more than once so it may be off to the races for us next year.

Wherever the trip takes us I'm sure I'll be ready again since we will graduate our middle child next.

But, I'll think about that tomorrow.


  1. Leaving the day after your daughter's graduation must have been overwhelming, but it sounds like it was all worth it. What a wonderful trip with a wonderful group of kids. Thanks for sharing! (From Sandy, because it won't let me log into Google!)

  2. I think leaving the day after actually provided me with a respite...I had no choice but to take my mind off graduation, etc. :) We had a wonderful time :)