Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senior Prom...sniff, sniff...

This past Saturday night was my firstborn's senior prom.
To be honest, by Saturday I was just about exhausted with the entire production...she's been planning since January!

But, then she came out of her room...

And, then we took the entire group of kids to a lovely home for photos...

I decided all that hoopla was well worth it :)

All in all it was a wonderful night...I suffered from the normal parental anxieties surrounding prom and waited up for them until their safe arrival home at 2 a.m.

The chaos was even more well worth it when my firstborn climbed up into my bed the next morning to tell the Head of My Household and me all of the details.

By Sunday it hit me like a load of bricks:
My baby is not a baby anymore.

I'm both immensely proud of her and incredibly sad at the same time.


  1. She'll always be your baby.

    She did a great job picking her dress. I love it. Elegant, stylish yet looks comfortable to wear. I just remember my big, white POUF of a dress. It WAS the 80's afterall, but the hotel staff thought I was a bride. Not good.

    Oh and because of this new Disney movie "Prom" my daughter has begun to plan hers...and she's seven.

  2. What a beautiful dress on an even more beautiful girl. It's been two years since my baby went to her senior prom and I still can't believe she's so grown up. Thank goodness, at 20, she still climbs in bed with her dad and me to tell us all the interesting stuff going on in her life. Oh, and we should give a little notice of her very handsome date. They're a lovely couple.

  3. She looks beautiful! Hope she had fun.

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous! And I love her dress. Much more sophisticated than the dorky dresses we wore to proms back in the 1980s!!