Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Small Break in the Clouds

Summer School is proving to be a teaching/grading marathon.  
We're 2 weeks down with 2 more to go.  I miss blogging, I miss clean laundry, I miss cooking, and I miss sleep.  
Layla misses me while I am at this photo she is waiting by the door to our garage where my car is children send me pictures like this I think to make me feel good about how much my dog misses me.  
This photo didn't make me feel good; it just made me want to come home.

After staying up till 1 a.m. last night to catch up...again...Layla and I took a long, slow leisurely walk this morning.  
It reminded me of the first walks she and I used to take when we first brought her home in May.  She's always been a joy but today she walked by my side, never pulling on the leash, sniffing around here and there and listening for my direction.  I rewarded her at the end of our walk with a swim in our lake neighborhood.

She loves the water.  She swims and accidentally splashes.  Then, she tries to catch her splash and splashes even more...and tries to catch the splash she created when she was trying to catch the original splash :)
Just good fun and relaxation.

Thanks, Layla...I needed that.


  1. Your dog is such a cutie. I would miss her as well:)

  2. Oh, Layla looks beautiful. We have a chocolate lab that loves the water too. She can't get enough. I took a graduate class this summer and have been bogged down with homework so I can relate to your schedule. Hopefully it will calm down before you have to go back to it in the Fall.

  3. There is nothing like a sweet dog to soothe your spirit. Good luck with the next two weeks!!

  4. That is precious that she waits for you by the door. Guilt! It will be over soon, and in the meantime, it's these small pleasures that will get you through!

  5. Our pup is now "crateless" and on her own when we are out of the house. The first day, we left for just 90 min. She stayed in the same spot. Did not budge and was seen in the window waiting for us.

    The 2nd day, we tried 3 hours. She did the same thing. I worried because she didn't eat or drink during that time.

    The next day, we had a lonnng beach day. We came home and she was...passed out! Food bowl empty.. water sipped at. She is now very comfortable but I felt so bad that first day. We are never gone that long, but it was a test and she did well.

    Sounds like Layla is doing well too!