Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless (Uh-huh, yeah) Wednesday

For an extra paycheck, I took on 2 summer school courses during the month of July...Composition courses...normally 17 week classes all shoved into barely 4 weeks.  
Students write in composition classes...or should anyway.  Guess who gets to grade all that?? 
Me, that's who.  

The other day I read a student essay that said the Civil War ended in 1968.



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  2. Please tell me it's not a college course. Civil war in the 1960s?

  3. Oh my. Maybe they should be taking a history class instead of a composition class? Kudos to you though, for taking on all that responsibility.

  4. Oy is right! I just shake my head at how stupid our country is becoming. Bless your heart for trying to teach these hammerheads.

  5. I truly relate. I usually teach one online course during summer for my community college as well. I make them write (psych course) because it is so necessary in order to further their education. Sometimes I just have to put my head in my hands and shake my head. Just try and laugh, sometimes that is all you can do!!!