Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Characters I Would Switch Places with for 24 Hours

No surprise that I love this meme created by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish...and this list is probably my favorite in a long time.  While I have no desire whatsoever to switch places with a character forever, there are many I wouldn't mind stepping into their shoes for just a little while for some very important (albeit pure fantasy) reasons :)

1.  Stephanie Plum - Janet Evanovich's series - during my 24 hours as Stephanie I'd explain to Ranger that I am and always will be a Morrelli girl :p 

2.  Anita Blake - do NOT get any wild and crazy ideas here...the only thing I'd want to do as Anita is spend 24 hours with Jean Claude, just us...none of those other guys, no killer monsters and no zombies...for 24 hours...is that too much to ask?  We'd find a cure for the ardeur and then rule the supernatural world together.

3.  Temperence Brennan - Kathy Reichs series - To be in this brain for 24 hours would be incredible...I'd like to experience one day in the lab putting together the pieces of a forensic anthropological find :)

4.  Kate Burkholder - Linda Castillo series - 24 hours of police work amidst the Amish community...not to mention the extra bonus of John Tomasetti?  Yes, please.

(Rumor has it Neve Campbell has signed on to play Kate in the movie version of Sworn to Silence :)
I'm ok with that.

5.  Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris series - I'd step into Sookie's shoes just in time for the release of the very last book in this series...I'd choose my first love Bill, and we'd ride off into the sunset...er, I mean the moonlight :P

6.  Anna Pigeon - Nevada Barr series - park ranger who gets to move all over the country, spending her life within some of the most beautiful natural habitats, learning how to survive in some of the most isolated (and many times dangerous) places.  

No film version of Anna yet...but maybe Diane Lane?

7.  Lindsey Boxer - James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series - I'd kick Cindy out of my series and tell Yuki to chill or she would be next.  Before my 24 hours was up, Claire and I would probably decide to venture out on our own without the other two ladies and probably without James Patterson.  We'd keep our husbands, kids and jobs though ;)

8.  Harry Haristeen - Rita Mae Brown's Snooky Pie Brown series - life in the beautiful Virginia countryside, finally re-married to first husband veterinarian, Fair, and surrounded by animals who help me solve mysteries...oh yes, no doubt. 
Ricki Lake played Harry in a forgettable move adaption of Murder She Purred.  Really??  I don't think so.  Possibly one of THE worst actor portrayals of a character I've ever seen.  Nothing against Ricki, but she is soooo not Harry.

Sandra Bullock would make a much better choice :)

9.  Jane Rizzoli - Tess Garittsen's Rizzoli and Isles series - street smart/street wise, beautiful, talented, strong and surrounded by a loyal Italian Catholic family in Boston...why again would anyone not want to step into Jane's shoes for a day?

Oh, look, it's Angie Harmon again :) Pretty safe to say I'm a fan.

10.  Rowan Mayfair - Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches chronicles - but only the first book...I don't want anything to do with the weirdness of Taltos.  Rowan's life in San Francisco and move to New Orleans to learn more about her family's rich history is what I'd love to drown myself in for a while.  

Fun, fun, fun!!
And, yes, I'm a series fanatic...why do you ask?


  1. Yay Anna Pigeon! I love Nevada Barr's books! I used the NPS for last week's top 10. :) Glad to see her books make someone else's list!

    Love love love Tess Gerritsen's books, too.

    1. I haven't read all of the Anna Pigeon books...just a few that were introduced through our faculty book club a year or so ago. I'm looking forward to starting with #1 in both the Nevada Barr and Tess Gerritsen series soon!!

  2. Oh, Sookie is a good pick! I haven't read the books, but I really enjoy the show!

    1. The tv series begins the same but has gone wayyyyyy in a different direction than the books...I kinda like that though bc I like both :) same characters and extra stories :) What couldn't be better than that?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kaye...I'm a naturaly visual person so it's hard for me to post anything without pictures :)

  4. I second... er, third ... Anna Pigeon! This is the first list I've seen her on! Also, I love the beautiful black cat at the top, he looks like my Xander.

    1. Hi Ruth! That's my Uh-Oh on my header...he's kinda my "muse"...he's very independent but loud when we wants something and fully expects his needs to be met immediately :)

  5. This post has me thinking I need to check out some more series books!

  6. I haven't read any of these series, but I am a True Blood fan and have been collecting the books on my shelf. Maybe I will finally read them one of these days.