Thursday, November 20, 2014

PetSmart Visit with Sadie and Sissy

Sadie and Sissy are adult dogs who live at our shelter.  
Sadie has lived there since she was a lab pheonomenon and all that it's cracked up to be (not).
Sissy was adopted from us as a puppy but returned after 2 years.  Not her fault.  Don't even get me started.

We really had no idea how the day would go, but we're intent on building relationships with other shelters in our area and pursuing partnerships outside our usual ones.  

My friend Renee and I took our own li'l gals to help.  This is Renee's youngest daughter Kellie.  She's  a dynamo gymnast as well as dog whisperer in training.

Sissy loves love...and touching...and getting in laps...and snuggling...and people...oh my gosh and belly rubs.  
Sadie loved looking out the window on the 25 minute drive south.  Who knew?

The glasses child is my own Reagan, piano prodigy and also dog whisperer in training.  She is my sidekick and shadow, and I'm not sure what I would do without her. 

Sissy has some serious personality.  Here she is sharing a text message with Renee...or maybe a Facebook status...

Sissy also had her own opinions on which route we should take.

Kellie and Reagan had to remind Sissy that there are height and weight limits in order to sit in the front seat.  Sissy apologized and promised to stay with the Jr. Whisperers for the rest of the ride.  

Sissy took full advantage of the lap opportunities on Sunday...

...while Sadie kept her eyes on the automatic sliding doors at PetSmart.

"Sissy, are you sure you wouldn't like to sit on the floor like Sadie?"

"I'm sure."

Sadie hasn't been out of the shelter as much as Sissy, so there were a few times over the course of the visit that she needed a little extra comfort.  PetSmart was hopping on Sunday afternoon!

Sissy, on the other hand, made sure anyone and everyone who remotely wanted to visit with her had the opportunity to rub her belly.
I'm serious y'all...anytime anyone spoke to Sissy, while in our spot or walking through the store, Sissy would roll over and offer her belly.

Sadie appreciated some chest scratching too...and gave me kisses to prove how thankful she was for the extra attention even though it was a little scary.

Sadie finally relaxed...after the Jr. dog whisperers picked out new collars for the girls.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Murray, Martin, and Boudreaux

Just a little update on my sweet Murray.  
SHE, not he, is coming along just fine.  

She's still the least friendly of the 3 pups who were left in an outside pen at our shelter, but she does jump around and act like a puppy now instead of a scared little rabbit.  

Murray, Martin, and Boudreaux had their first official portraits made this past week so that we could get them out in the public eye now that we feel they've been socialized enough. 
One of our former Board Presidents is a professional photographer and donates her skills so that our furbabies are treated like celebrities while we have them.  




We have an adoption event coming up this weekend at PetSense.  
Keep your fingers crossed for these sweethearts :) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


This is my new friend Murray.  

Murray and two of his siblings were left at our shelter this past week.  
All 3 pups are scared to death, shaking like a leaf.

Murray even bites.
Grown men have resorted to using welding gloves to handle Murray.
Really Murray?

I talked to Murray today and told him I needed him to stop biting.  
I told him that he really needed to be a nice fella and take his wormer, Bordatella, and vaccines so he could stay.  

Murray was pretty nervous before, during, and after our chat.  
But, he didn't try to bite me. 

Guess who got designated to give Murray his meds?
Oh yeah. 
Guess who's never given anybody or anything a shot before anytime, anyplace?
Mmm Hmm.
Guess who let me give him a shot??
You got it.
Guess who let me hold his snoot and shoot the Bordatella right in his precious nostrils?
Spot on.
And, finally, guess who let me open his snappy little mouth and squeeze in the de-wormer?
My friend Murray.

I gave Murray his meds.
And now I feel like Wonder Woman.

It's really just the little things, y'all.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014

Today was slow...just like a Labor Day should be...
wrapped it up with a 4.5 mile run/walk...
kid on a bike
dog on a leash

I really miss this place, and I'm hoping to be back more often :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A New Beginning - Days 4-7

The middle daughter and I are still going strong on our Advocare 24 day Challenge.  
We've had a couple of tight spots over the last few days, but so far, when I'm weak, she's been strong, and vice versa.

One of the keys to a successful change in eating is being organized, I think. 
I'm an organizing wannabee, but the middle daughter is an organizer all the way. 
She clips coupons, finds recipes, makes lists, buys deals like shampoo for .49 and deodorant for .29.
She creates excel spreadsheets with our meals, supplements, snacks, etc. so there's nobody has to ask, "What's for supper?"
It's like having a personal assistant.

I swear I will fall apart when this girl goes to MSU in the fall.
Who will tell me when to eat my snack??

On Day 4, I ran by the animal shelter where I volunteer and am on the board.
I had been on vacation the week before and Kids College after that, so I hadn't visited in over a week.
A beautiful Chocolate Lab (the staff appropriately named Hershey) was found while I was on vacation.  She looked to be very either very fat or pregnant.
Our manager took her to the vet who "diagnosed" her as 7-10 days away from giving birth.
The day I visited was 7 days from when he said that.

You may or may not know that there are no maternity wards in animal shelters.
As a matter of fact, puppies under 6 weeks old are not allowed in shelters at all bc of risk of infection.
They have no immunity when they're first born and have to get that through their mothers.
Not to mention that our shelter is and always is slam full.
We are of the no-kill variety, so there always seems to be 15+ other animals to take the slot when one animal is adopted.
I know it's too late to make a long story short, but Hershey could not stay at the shelter.
One of our other board members volunteered to take her but could not do so until she returned from a weekend trip...11 days after the vet's prognosis.

Ok, so surely you know by now that Hershey is at my house, right?

We have no puppies, but today is Day 10.
I've got a birthing spot fixed up for Hershey just in case.
She rests in it sometimes and re-arranges the towels several times a day.

She is the smartest, sweetest dog y'all.  She knows basic commands, is very obedient, and gets along with Hermione and the cats.
She has had a few accidents, but she is potty trained...I just had to figure out what her cue was.
She loves, loves, loves people, and it is very obvious that she was a family dog.
What we don't know is if someone lost her...or if someone dumped her when they realized she was pregnant.
Because, you know, getting pregnant and all...well, that's Hershey's fault...she shouldn't have been so promiscuous.
*&**%% (insert curse words here)

We've been posting her pics and keeping the communication lines open should someone come forward.
Unfortunately, we're all jaded enough to know that she was more than likely dumped.
Dogs don't wander when they're pregnant.
In the South, for whatever stupid reason, a lot of people still don't spay and neuter their pets.
It's why we have such a pet over-population problem and other areas have shortages.

Don't get me started.

On a more positive note, the middle daughter and I finished C25K Week 1 and started Week 2 today.

In the past I preferred to run alone...or with my Layla...and earphones with music blasting.
Now I enjoy being with my kid.
We don't converse much...except short spurts now and again, but we do pump each other up when needed.
This is my 2nd time going through C25K so I'm doing most of the pumping right now, but that's ok.
She lets us know when it's time for a snack :)

Till tomorrow...