Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Squeakers the Academic Squirrel

Yes, I have a squirrel in my house...orphaned baby and all that.
No, he did not chew my copy of Garland of Girls.
His little squirreley butt would no longer  be in my house if he had.

His favorite place to perch is on top of my copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

No, this post is not wordless as it should be ;)


  1. Holy cow, at first I thought he was stuffed! Do you take him to the vet?

  2. I've always been fascinated with the idea of having a squirrel living in my house but I know the fascination would be short lived because of the hungry eyes of my cats and coonhound. How adorable is Squeakers, anyway?!
    I found your blog via Bibliophile by the Sea and when I read that you are an English teacher at a community college in the south I was thrilled because I taught reading/English/writing at a community college in Pensacola (PJC) for 6 years. Teaching there was the best teaching experience I've ever had but unfortunately budget cuts came along and I moved back home to NH and started a pet sitting service.
    I am your newest follower and I hope you will visit my blog at sometime.

  3. BermudaOnion, Squeakers was younger than I thought when we found him. I get advice from the vet, but most vets don't really have a lot of knowledge about forest animals strangely enough. Unfortunately, we suspect it was incorrect advice from the vet on how to feed both squirrels that we found that actually killed Squeakers' brother Whiskers :(

    Most of the good info and help we've gotten for Squeakers has been through Wildlife Rehabbers (never knew they existed till we needed one!)

    Our plan is to return him to the woods as soon as he is ready.

  4. Teacher's Pets, We have two cats and a scruffy little dog we rescued after Hurricaine Katrina. Our little dog was abused and has a difficult time getting around even today because of hip she loves to watch Squeakers jump and scurry around but she cannot catch him. He is fast as lightning! Our two cats like to watch him...but we have to watch them closely. We make sure that if Squeakers is out of his cage, the cats are outside. If they are inside at the same time, someone has to hold the cat(s). They are all animals and we try to remember that at all times. Instinct quickly takes over for all of them.

    I saw your follow last night and am glad you commented today...for some reason, I couldn't get back to your blog...but now I can!!

    My job is as rewarding as it is college teaching is a whole other world, isn't it??

    Glad to meet and get to know you!!

  5. Shakespeare, huh? Hope you don't come in one day to find him quoting a soliloquoy from "Hamlet."

  6. Aw, you have a pet squirrel? That's so sweet and Squeakers looks adorable! And you have a squirrel with a thing for the Bard, neat.:)Imagine him quoting Halmet, hehe! I love the books in the pictures, too, they have such pretty, old-looking spines.

  7. OMG.....You have got to be kidding. Squirrels freak me out. For some reason I never liked squirrels. Doesn't he shred your drapes?

  8. Wait ... so is this your pet now or a cute but unwanted intruder that you can't quite get out of the house? And I swear I see a piece of book hanging out of his mouth!

  9. Kent Island Red, My oldest daughter loved your comment...her senior English teacher is a Shakespeare groupie and talks about him matter what their class is reading.

    Irena, My mom found those books for me at an estate sale, I think...the dates on the inside are 1887 and 1888...I need to take them to an antique shop and find out more info on them.

    Bibliophile, they used to freak me out too...I'd always heard people call them rats with fluffy tails...but they're not (although I think they are technically rodents). I can't stand hamsters, mice, gerbils and things like that. Squeakers does not have the run of the house...he has a cage and only can come out when there is someone watching him.

    Jenners, he is only with us temporarily...although my oldest daughter gets more and more attached to him every day. We found him and his brother under our lawnmower in our garage a couple of months ago...we're just getting him ready to go back to the woods. I see what you're talking about though in that picture...sneaky squirrel ;)

  10. WOw!! I love that you rescued him, but I think I'd have him in a cage....