Sunday, January 2, 2011

1 Year Ago Today...

One year ago today Uh-Oh and I began blogging :)

Actually, I'm the one blogging, but he likes to hang out and keep me company.

I began blogging to create an outlet for my mind which never seems to the point of some silly panic attacks a few years ago...not really silly...especially since I've seemed to pass this anxiety on to two of my three daughters so far :(

I needed a place that was just stuff, my words, the world as I see it. 
I loved blogging and reading other blogs from Day 1.

My goals for 2010 were general and not necessarily blog related...and I have to say that I have honestly made true progress on each of these goals...with much of the credit owed to this blog and my new bloggy friends:

1.  Get up earlier - On weekdays I get up earlier so I can read other blogs with my first cups of coffee.  Not everyday of course...I give myself a break on the weekends and I've really given myself a holiday over the holidays.

2.  Leave work on time - Because of my commitment to cooking more and eating healthy I need that time in the afternoons to prepare, grocery shop, etc.  Only during deadline times this past semester have I found myself falling back into my old ways of staying at work way later than I should.  I have also grown as a professional through reading other teacher bloggers postings about how they handle heavy workloads, grading essays and somehow keeping an academic/literary focus in a world of non-reading and writing students.

3.  Eat healthier - My entire family has embraced this goal.  My kids get used to me cooking rather than going out.  There are some things that just don't even taste good anymore...why would I want to eat a Sonic burger that I know is going to upset my stomach???  I've also met some incredible bloggers who like me are trying to make their lives more self-sustainable, to think about what they put into their bodies and also what is best for the environment around us and the other creatures who share our world.

4.  Cook more - this goal is acquired by sticking to number 3...nothing like goals that overlap :) I enjoy cooking, even on weeknights if I've planned accordingly and it doesn't take me all night.  I've learned through participating in Menu Plan Monday on several cooking blogs to plan casseroles, crock pot meals and other quick fare on week nights and leave the more elaborate meals for the weekends.

5.  Go to sleep earlier - This one has been pretty easy...bc once I get tired, I'm tired.  I like to have a little time by myself once everyone is settled in and I'm going to work on getting them settled a little earlier so that I'm not still up at 11 trying to get my quiet time.  If I stick to a routine during the day, bedtime seems to come around quite naturally.

6.  Spend wisely - This may have been my biggest accomplishment this year.  With my mother's help, I paid off all my credit cards.  With saving blogs I learned to organize my coupons and lists and return to smart shopping and coupon clipping.  I had forgotten what a high it was to get a bargain and/or get something for FREE!
I do not have a credit card now, nor do I want one.

My blog itself has evolved since this time last year.  I've pulled in more of the things I love, cooking, photography, reading, writing, traveling, my family, gardening, etc. to the point of developing a blogging routine just a couple of months ago.  I like having a routine but I also being able to stray from that routine when the feeling hits me :)  I don't like feeling fenced in :)
I'm still tweaking some specific blogging goals, my established routine and the final choices for Reading Challenges.

I'll fill you in on those tomorrow :)


  1. Your blog has become one of my favorites over the past year ... and I can't believe it is only a year old! Sounds like you had some good goals this past year (I had similar ones in the cooking area). Hope 2011 brings all good things to you and your family!

  2. Congrats on hitting the one year mark!! The first year of blogging is the toughest. It's when we get to figure out how it all works. Heck, I'm still figuring that out and it's almost 3 years for me.

  3. I can't believe you've only been blogging for a year! I found yours early on when I started blog searching and loved it from the start. I still remember you were making your raised beds and it pulled me right in.
    Congrats on making those goals. I have been mentally making goals for the year and intend on writing it down to help me stay accountable.
    Happy first bloggy birthday!!

  4. Congrats on the progress made on your 2010 goals! Sound advice for all of us to follow! I have also discovered that more homecooking, results in less tastier fast food.

  5. Well, Happy Blogaversary and Happy New Year, I'm so glad I found you blog. I think blog tweaking is an ongoing process for everyone. But then I really just started so I'm always tweaking. I can't wait to see you challenges.

  6. Happy blogaversary! I love it when other people set and accomplish goals - it gives me hope that I may do the same one day. Yours are terrific.

  7. So glad that you and I "met" in blog land in 2010 - and I look forward to 2011 as well.

    I am a vegetarian (soon to return to my vegan ways), and have not eaten meat in about 3 years. I don't miss it one iota and I love to cook at home now and eat more vegetables than I ever have before. If you're interested in trying more vegetarian or vegan meals, there are some great cookbooks out there - or you can type anything you want into Google and add the word "vegan" or "vegetarian" in it and you get some great recipes. For example, "vegan meatloaf" or "vegan burgers." I had an excellent meal once by making my burgers out of mushrooms and other veggies - it was fantastic!

    Best of luck in 2011 - I look forward to your posts!!