Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 409 - Slow Southern Sunday - The Week in Review

This painting is of my little church in our little southern town.  The lady who painted it is a retired art teacher who also lives in my neighborhood.  That's a southern town for ya :) 

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What I was doing when I wasn't here...

Snorkeling, Swimming w Dolphins, Eating (see Menu Monday), Riding in the Car, Visiting Ernest Hemingway's home and cats, Sweating in Key West, Walking, Did I Mention Eating?

Reading Progress - Books in the Sidebar

Hillbilly Elegy - finished it today - a great and thoughtful read...I'm really behind on reviews but have a couple almost ready for posting :)

Self-Esteem - pretty sure I'm supposed to have two more chapters read before my next appt. but I haven't picked it up at all since the last one. I've been enjoying my other books too much :):)

Handmaid's Tale - I read the first 3 chapters on my phone and decided I wanted to listen to it...especially after I realized I already had it downloaded and Claire Danes is the narrator.  I'm off this next week so I'm hoping I'll be able to listen some while walking.

Thereby Hangs a Tail - I finished Dog on It and loved it just as much as I thought I would.  I'm digging into this 2nd installment tonight.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry - haven't started this one yet.  I took my Kindle with me on vacation but honestly did not have time to read anything.

UPDATE: I felt guilty for not even giving AJ Fikry a try yet, so I committed to one chapter at 10 p.m. --and finished the book by 2 a.m.
It's that good.
Such a good booklover's book.  I'll review it soon :)

Social Media Favorites


The Mississippi Secretary of State reported that if he is asked to turn over private information with voter rolls, he will tell them to "Go jump in the Gulf of Mexico"


Mosquitos are out in full force this time of year in Mississippi.
They'll pick you up and carry you off :/


I didn't repost much on IG this week bc I was so busy posting our Key West photos.  Y'all, definitely a bucket list activity!  If you ever get the chance to swim with dolphins, DO IT!!!


Absolutely none...I've stretched a time or two but not enough to call it yoga.  July is "put up or shut up" month for marathon prep, so I've got lots of decisions to make.  I'm finally on some meds for a kidney infection I had no idea I had.  The kidney infection may have something to do with my back pain. We shall see.

None.  The husband was driving and in charge of the radio (we call that driver privilege).  Even with my earphones, I could still hear the radio since I ride shotgun.

I did keep up with my girls Beth and Sarah from Pantsuit Politics on Twitter though!


  1. Carl is dying to drive to Key West. I'd love to go but I'd rather fly. Either way, your trip sounds fabulous!

    1. We had such a wonderful time!! I'm not a great rider either and mostly love to fly, but this trip wasn't bad bc there is sooo much to see on the way :)


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