Saturday, May 7, 2011

Keeping Calm and Carrying On

I'm hanging in there with this whole Senior thing.
Tonight is Senior Prom; the school and community have gone to great lengths to warn all of the seniors in our area to make the right decisions tonight...even to the point of parking a horribly disfigured car on the lawn of the high school.
While I certainly appreciate the community/school taking great pains to warn our children of the dangers of drinking and driving, it has not helped my stress/anxiety level.

Honestly, the Head of My Household and I have never had to worry about that kind of stuff...and I get on my knees every single night and thank God that we've been so blessed...and then I pray again that we will continue to be so fortunate.

I have a multitude of blog posts in my head screaming to get out...the suicide of my friend's husband and how that has affected my middle child, questions of faith and forgiveness, Royal Wedding memories, the death of Osama Bin Laden, bullying on Facebook, teacher questions, letting go, planting our garden, and even a few book review posts.

And, I'll get to them all in due time.

Prom pictures tomorrow!


  1. A disfigured car on the school lawn sounds a bit gruesome but would certainly get the message across!! I hope the night goes well.

  2. A friend of mine shows a home birth the Friday before prom to his juniors and seniors in anatomy class. His way of trying to make them think about things. Hope all goes well for you and your daughter.

  3. I am glad that worrying about your child drinking and driving is not a worry. You have a lot of other stuff in your head.